Monday, July 21, 2008

While the Cat Is Away...

...the mice will play!

I wanted to share that while I was gone on my mini-vacation, Amber and Trailblazer Martha went to a trail challenge that was set up on a cross country/eventing course, waaaay down South. They placed 2nd and 3rd overall in the championship class. Way to go girls!!! Now, they want moi to go with them and compete on Bo...hmmmm....let me think about it...OK!
Amber said that the course was three miles long, and you basically cantered, or galloped, between each station. There was a waterfall (pictured below) that they had to ride under, covered bridges and tunnels to ride through, water jumps (also pictured below), platforms that they had to side-pass and/or back on, logs to get the idea!
I am not sure why these pics uploaded so small, but Amber and Waska are going under the waterfall above, and just finished their "jump" into the water below.
Curly, Martha's horse, is a great little jumper, and he has no problem clearing anything that he and Martha have run into. Here the two of them are right after clearing the water jump. Isn't Curly handsome???
You will also notice that Martha wears a helmet during the race..good Martha...and that Amber does NOT wear a helmet...bad Amber!!! Anytime jumping is involved, you better have your heady head protected :)


20 meter circle of life said...

oh that looks fun, I would do that. I would most likely get bucked off but it looks fun

Pony Girl said...

That looks like a great course! I would love to try that! Although I am not sure about galloping in between stations.

Go Amber!

By the way, I do recognize Curly and Martha from the MR trail challenge I went to! ;)

Twinville said...

Oh wow! That looks like so much fun!
I hope one day to start doing that with my Baby Doll, too.

Congrats to both of them for making 2nd and 3rd!
And I look forward to seeing you run that course soon, too.