Sunday, July 13, 2008


No, this is not an add for sunscreen and bug poison. It is just a picture that shows what my family and I will be wearing for the next week...that's's vacation time!!!!
I had a really funny story that I wanted to blog about before we left, but I guess it will have to wait...oh well..... I won't be taking my computer, and I hope that I won't go through blog withdrawal...tee hee hee!!!
See you all in about one week!


Mrs Mom said...

Have a FANTASTIC vacation!! See you when you get back!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the note on my blog! It is so funny how many awesome blogs are written by people in the Northwest. But the fact that we are in the same area is even more amazing.

Donida is such a beautiful facility. Their cross country course is really nice. If you ever get a chance to try eventing, you will have a blast! I rode dressage only through middle and high school, so eventing is new to me, but I love it! I have a friend whose horse is an eventer, but as a Paint, is also trained as a barrel horse. So it is possible to do multiple disciplines with even just one horse ;-) Reining would be cool, too! I ride and board at Stoneybrook Stables. You may know of it, not too far from Donida up in Covington.

That is cool that you have had a lethal white Aussie, too. I have not met another one, but it's amazing how many deaf dogs I've met or heard about since rescuing Dylan 3 years ago. He has made me LOVE Aussies. I used to think I was a Sheltie person, but I've definitely started dreaming about all the Aussies I will ever own. I love them!

Have a fabulous vacation! I'm going to have fun reading your old blog posts while you are gone :-)

jesterjigger said...

I looooove the orange bottle of Banana Boat. I have to use the SPF 3,575 though because I'm very fair skinned. Have fun on your vacation!

Pony Girl said...

Have a great time! We'll miss you but we'll be glad we won't see pictures of bug bites or sunburns when you get back! ;)

Train Wreck said...

Dang it I missed you! I was going to tell you Bounce Dryer sheets work to keep Mosquitos off too! I hope you had a great time! Better come back with lots of pics!!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Have (or hope you have had) a grand time!!!! I am only just now being able to comment teehee.

take care and
Happy Horsin’ Around from