Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ahhhh...we had a GREAT vacation!!!! I honestly did not want to come back, which was really kind of weird, considering that we did not have a computer, TV, or telephone. Our cell phones didn't even work! I have always wondered if I could survive without modern technology, and I did a pretty good job of it. Of course, if we lived out where we vacationed, we would have all of those things, but it was nice to go without them for a little while (lol)! We vacationed at Banks Lake, which is a 28 mile long, man-made, reservoir-type, lake, that was created to be used for local farm irrigation. It had breathtaking views, and I quickly fell in love with the "desert" of Washington...even if it included rattlesnakes and ticks!Pretty, pretty, lake! Banks Lake is located about 10 minutes south of the Grand Coulee Dam, so of course, we had to make a couple of trips to see this amazing dam--it is the largest concrete structure in the world!!--and we even went to the laser, light, show, twice!
Every night, at 10:00 sharp, they release water from the dam, and have a narrated laser show. It is pretty amazing, and it tells you about the history of the area, and also about the history of the dam itself. All I can say is "Pretty darn cool!" Ahem... I was also shocked to discover that the Columbia River starts at the Grand Coulee Dam. I did not know this little piece of history, and thought that my hubby was kidding me when he told me that. He was not! The water that you see at the bottom of the dam is the actual starting point of a rather large, and impressive river, and I had NO CLUE!!! Shame on me!
At least my children now know this important piece of Washington state history! I must have been sleeping when they covered that back in high school...or maybe I was talking! I was ALWAYS talking!

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