Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun In the Sun!

This week seems like it went by REALLY fast...where did it go??? I think that it is because of the Fourth being on a Friday. I put this pic on here because I am thinking of painting my living and dining rooms. To everyone who knows me and my house, what color/colors do you think I should repaint them? To those of you who do not know me, please feel free to leave your input as well :) See that big stack of papers and books on my old antique table? Well I didn't until I saw this picture! I cleaned it up trace of the "pile" remains. Eric is suddenly putting rabbit ears on anybody who happens to be in a picture with him....boys!!!Yesterday, my friend Angie invited us to hang out at a park and have lunch, with a group of moms from her church. Thanks Angie!! They get together once a week at a different park, and it is a fun way to have some "adult" time. Katie was going across the BIG monkey bars, but we found these smaller ones, which are nice because the kids only have about six inches to fall...not one to two feet.Here is Eric with what is quickly becoming his signature,"I am to cool to look at my mom," look!
Katie is ALWAYS the little mommy, and she just LOVES this little do I!! She follows him around like she is his shadow; kind of like a herding dog does :)
Afterwards, my friends two boys came over and swam with Eric in the pool. Katie went home with Angie, so she could herd W, and help Angie clean her house...not that Angie' s house is dirty...Katie just likes to clean every ones house...just not ours! Eric looks like he just did something unbelievable; like pee in the pool maybe? " I can't believe I just did that!!!"
It's a good thing that they swam while they did, because later, we had another series of thunder/lightning showers pass through. All. Night. Long. We have really had some unusual weather this year. I always tell my kids that the thunder in Washington is wimpy, when compared to the thunder in the Midwest, but they got to hear the house-rattling stuff last night! Hopefully we do not have this weather tomorrow. If we do, we won't need to let any fireworks off!


Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

Oh your kids are adorable!! I love lightning and thunder!!(Not too close)We use a large round cow tank for our kids!! Kids and water go hand in hand in the summer! I hope you get to see your fireworks tommorow night!! At least with the moisture nothing will catch on fire!Oh and I will wait for you to get here, before I saddle up!! He! He! Have a Happy and Sparkley 4Th

The Knutson's said...

Trainwreck-Back at ya!