Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Hot Summer Morning....

...and I am sure that it is just one of many more to come!

The kidlets and I got up early yesterday morning, and headed over to--you guessed it!!!--Amber's house. Katie has been a little unconfident since she fell off of Sienna while trying to canter, so I put on my running shoes, tacked up Waska and Bo, put Eric on Bo, Katie on Waska, and off we went. It was great exercise for me, as we were gone for over an hour, but I would have much rather been on the back of a horse. We had a great ride--well the kidlets had a great ride!!!--and we saw two deer and encountered another rider down by the river. Of course, one of the deer was a large buck in velvet, but I did not have my camera so I was unable to take a picture...go figure!

Bo and Eric are developing a good partnership this summer, and I thought that this picture captured some of the trust and companionship between them. Bo had stopped and looked across the paddock, and Eric placed his hand on his shoulder, and asked, "What do you see Bo Bo? It's OK." If Bo were a human boy, I am sure that the two of them would have run off to investigate! Meanwhile...back at the funny farm...I mean front of the paddock...Katie and Waska were sharing a moment together as well. A moment of confusion that is!!! Katie stood there scratching her head-- in what is becoming her and Amber's trademark "confused" look!!--and looked like she did not know what to do with the horse that was attached to her.
Waska looked a little unsure of the situation himself...."Uhhhhhh, usually people just walk forward Katie. If you move, I will move too."
Nothing confusing about this scenario. Waska just has to choose which treat he would rather have: the carrot or the ice cream! We have always given our horse some type of treat when we are done working with them, and if you "forget" about it, they remind you (lol)!Sienna decided to take advantage of being left alone on such a hot morning, and was napping in the sun when we got back. Look at those horrible rocks! We need to have a work party weekend, just like Pony Girl and her sister did!
"Ice cream cone you say? Oh I will get up for an ice cream cone any day!!!Notice how the lovely date is stamped right over the ice cream cone. I have got to figure out how to remove it!!
I should also mention that Sienna does NOT just live off of a diet of Cheetos and ice cream, although if she had her way, she probably would!


Pony Girl said...

Ha! I see a new horse nutrition book in your future- "Sienna's Junk Dood Diet!" ;)
I am always afraid to feed my horse anything than horsey treats. I'm such a nerd. I guess I think he'll have an allergic reaction or something.
I like the new banner, looks great!!

20 meter circle of life said...

Great pics!! thanks for coming by 20 meter. Everyone loves the Tonk, he is a cutey!! Your 2 legged and 4 leggeds are super cute too!

The Knutson's said...

Pony Girl-
Haha! As you can see, she is the perfect candidate for something like!!!

20 Meter-
Thank you! Abu is pretty cute too. I am just partial to chestnut Arab's with chrome :)

Twinville said...

The naughty treats just cracked me up. Those are some happily spoiled horses on your ranch! hehe
Your horses are beautiful!