Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Esther and Grandma Come to Visit!

This is Esther, and she would be my little sister, if dogs could be sisters. Now that you are shaking your head, and saying, "This girl has lost it," I will just say that she is my mom and dad's crazy Aussie. She looks a little unhappy in this picture, because my mom had just left to pick up her car, and Esther does not like when she gets left behind.Luckily for Esther, my kids were bored, and they decided to play "dance" with her. She is really smart, and missed her calling as an agility should see her clear the six foot fence that surrounds my backyard!! If you hold a treat over her head and say "Esther, dance" she will, so Eric held a doggy treat up and said "Dance, Esther, dance," and she did. Amazing what dogs will do for food..horses too...and kids...and me... :)
Notice Jinx watching Esther's dancing feet. " I could do that if I wanted to," he thought nonchalantly.
...Or maybe not! Poor Jinxy has no athletic ability. That was taken from him by his previous owner, when he was brutally kicked so hard that it broke his femur in two. Then, he was never taken to the vet, and his femur healed in to an "X" shape. Poor boy! All he can do is sit and stare at the floor. Willing a piece of biscuit to fall to the ground. "Please, please, please! I will be a good boy...until tomorrow!"
Kids and dogs...sharing some love! Much to Esther's happiness, my mom returned and picked her up. Grandma took us shopping today, and bought the kids some much needed "horsey" and breeches. Maybe I should stay a starving student a little bit longer (lol)! Thanks a bunch mom/grandma!!! It was/is greatly appreciated!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Jinx, how could someone be so cruel. Esther is adorable,having three Aussies myself I know how energetic they can be and what snack monsters they are. Hope something fell on the floor for Jinx.

Twinville said...

Grandma rocks! Hope you and the kids gave her a huge hug of thanks!
Poor Jinxie, I hope someone snuck him a few reats, too.
Esther is so pretty and athletic. She dances like a princess.

Hey, I'd dance for a plate full of brownies...!
Wanna join me?

(Who's got the brownies??)

The Knutson's said...

Grey Horse Matters- Aussie's are great dogs, and yes, Jinx got a treat just for sitting there so quietly :)

Twinville- Grandma does rock, and lots of "thank you's" were handed out! I'll join you for the plate of brownies anytime! said...

Hey, count me in on the "will dance for brownies" show.

Momma / Cowgirl said...

How cute... I am not a great dancer, but I would try for a goodie... lol

Starving student.. good for you, not on the starving, but on the learning. *smiles*
happy horsin' around!