Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'.....

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know the whole story behind Bo (and if you don't, just ask and I can direct you where to go). You also know that he has been getting a senior feed for about one year now, and that he gets blanketed in the winter.

And...when he was younger, he was the easiest keeper ever-he ate two small flakes of alfalfa daily along with his vitamins-so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that he now appears to be getting his old metabolism!!!! I mean, just look at him in the above picture!!! Eeegads he is huge!!!! Oh, and he is also really wet, because we had just gotten back from a long trail ride that ended in a hail storm during the last 10 minutes of our ride.Obviously the above pic was shot last June, and that was about six weeks after we had gotten him back. You can see how scrawny he was, especially when compared to his enormous size right now!!! See here for some other pics of Bo last summer (if you want!).

Amber said that she has cut his senior feed back to every other day, and that he is getting two small flakes of alfalfa again. Maybe his system has adjusted to getting food again? We shall see, and as it gets warmer we will stop his senior feed all together and see how he does.

So anyway, as a person who tends to have a slower metabolism, I am really in no position to judge poor old Cabalero, but I am just sayin'!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The "Next" One!

First, let me just say how much I enjoyed reading all of your comments on my post about QH's-and my propensity to be a Looky!!!! (I mean...who wouldn't want an Andalusian????)To answer your question....Am I currently looking for a horse?? Not really, but if the right one came up, I would gladly consider it. As a poor college student who spends all of her resources on her family and college tuition, I cannot afford to spend what I would like on a horse. (Another Andalusian stallion)
Also...don't think that I have given up on Arabians. I still like them-and always will-but as I have mentioned before, I don't like the idea of my kidlets gallivanting cross country on one. Not yet!!! I grew up trail riding and showing Arab's, and they do have the tendency to spook first and think afterwards, and I don't necessarily want my kidlets on a horse like that. (Paranoid mom, I know!!)

"Eyed Be A Tease" (See his ad here: QH gelding)
Even old Bo, at almost 21, is a lot of horse for my kidlets. They ride him in the arena, or on trails when I am ponying him or walking next to them, but there is no way I could responsibly turn them loose on him out there. I always tell Eric that he will be shocked at how good of a rider he is when he finally gets a QH, because he has really learned to "ride it out" on Bo Bo.
Check this gelding out! He would be perfect for the kidlets!!! (See his ad here: Magics Excalibur)So for them...I want Steady Eddy. I want a horse that they can saddle up and ride with minimal supervision, and I know I can find that in a QH.
Wanna see what I would like for myself???
Chelsi and I have both lusted after this guy, and I see he finally sold. He was originally around $12,000-I think-and he is exactly what I would like. Versatile, well-trained, and handsome. (See his old ad here: Streakin' Bolero)
Then there is also this nice boy........Another 1/2 Arab, well-trained, gelding. (See his current ad here: TC Winchester)
And guess what Oregonsunshine??? These guys are in Oregon!!!

Below is another example of what I would like, but Warmbloods, although gorgeous under saddle, often tend to be rather homely when not under saddle.
(See this boy's ad/video here: Cugat) Anyway, that about sums it up. I guess I don't really care what breed it is, as long as it is well-trained, reliable, and sound. I also want something that is registered, so I could show breed shows if I wanted too.
And to answer Lisa's question of whether or not I am still pining away for Stretch, the answer is "YES!!!!" He would be the perfect youth/family horse for showing and trails. ANd while I really hope that Stephanie can sell him, I kind of don't want her to as well...evil, I!!!
Talk at you all later!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Houston? We Have a Problem.....

So...I am having great fun reading all of your comments about my post yesterday, and I promise that I will answer your questions....later.

First, I want to see if you can tell what caused me to panic this morning at 7:42 am, as I read the label on the coffee that I grabbed in a mad rush at the store the other day......

It's bad enough that I grabbed the wrong flavor (I usually get the Madison Avenue blend), but do you see what else is wrong here???

Let me see if this helps ya'!!!

Hello???!!!! I grabbed the DECAFFEINATED coffee!!!! What the heck??? Why do they even make that stuff??? LOL!!!

I guess I am making another mad dash to the store, but this time I will take a minute to be sure that the coffee I grab was not mistakenly placed in the wrong slot!!! I usually catch stuff like that, and I cannot believe that I got the wrong blend and decaffeinated. I guess my brain cells are dying or!!!

Anywho, I can't believe that I am posting two days in a row. It is like I don't have anything better to do or!!! Talk at you all later!! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quarter Horses?????

I noticed something strange the other day...

When I have extra time, I sometimes like to look at horses that are for sale (as do a number of you out there!), and I usually head right for the Arab or Arab crosses. However, I noticed that lately, I have been checking out the QH's first. What is up with that???!!!!!

I am blaming it on Chelsi, Stephanie and BEC!!!!
I mean, what is not to like about them, right??? (The horses not the bloggers.... LOL!!!!)
("Patient Partner" by Barb McGee)
They are stout, and steady, and most appear to have a good head on their shoulders.
("Western Treasure" by Sharon Prestegard)

Oh, and hot guys like to ride them, which is more than I can say for the breed of my choice...Arabs...teeheehee!!!! Not that I am looking or anything (wink, wink!)!! I just put this picture up because I really like the intensity of the colors. I swear!!!! That and the horse is mighty fine looking, right????
("Leadin' In A Maverick" by Bill Owen)
There are two things that worry me though. Can they hold up to hard trail riding (stamina-wise and lameness-wise).....
("Between Mountain Showers" by Jim Rey)
....And can I tap into my inner "cowgirl???"
("Cowgirl in Red" by Terri Moyers)
I guess we will have to wait and see, eh????
Hope you are all having a great week!!! I miss blogging...I really do! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Golly, Gosh, Gee Whiz.....

Can you believe it has been a week since I last posted???? I have seriously not even had the time to get on the computer. I have not even been home! Seriously!!! (Have I said the word "seriously" enough yet??? LOL!!!)

So what have I been up to??? Primarily school. As I have mentioned before, the professors in our social work program have a secret agenda (I don't know what it is yet), and they like to wait until we are nearing the end of our semester before they start piling on the work (I have one month left!!!!!).

So, I have been reading, on average, 75-130 page chapters, and have I mentioned that I have five text books??? Do you know how much reading that is??? And it is not like you are sitting down and reading a book of your me!!!! I also have been writing papers (8-12 pages on average so far, but the big ones...15-25 pages...are coming up. Know what that means??? More reading on top of the reading that I am already doing!!!!)

We are also in the process of interviewing for our field placement/internship sites for next year, so I have to run around, schedule, and go on interviews on top of grocery shopping, doctor appointments, housework, homework, and baseball, which Eric is playing 4-5 nights per week. (I know they say writing is therapeutic for the soul, but I am getting a little panicky right!!!)

And I am soooooo excited for next year!!! I will most likely be interning at a large, inner city hospital, but I am also looking at a mental health clinic, and at a local reservation. Anywho...I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all to have a Happy Easter, and to let you know that if it looks like I have been missing from your blogs, not to take it personally. I will be back...I promise! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guess Who Has A Birthday???

Kevin, that's who!!!!! Tomorrow will be my husband's 25th birthday, and I just wanted to wish him a happy one, even though I am a day early. It is impossible to forget Kev's birthday, because he was born on 4/5/67. Get it...4,5,6,7???? Oh wait, I thought he was only 25??? LOL!!!! Won't you join me for a little trip down memory lane.....

Below is an approximately 9-10 year old Kevin, hunting some poor little animal on his cousins' old dairy farm in Deer Park (shout out to Stephanie!!!) I think it was a groundhog or something cute and furry like that.
Next, and this is one of my favorites, we have an 11-12 year old Kevin, hosing off the udder (and grabbing a teat!!) on one of the cows at his cousins old dairy farm. I love the mischievous look on his face. You can just hear him saying "Haha!! I am touching it's NIPPLE!!!!" Boys...they never change, do they??? LOL!!!!Hubba, hubba!!! What do we have here???? How about a 17 year old Kevin (on the left in the WSU cap) looking all tough and hot...I mean handsome!!! This is from a newspaper article (we have hundreds of them!) that was about an upcoming football game showdown, between Kevin and this other guy from a rival school (they were both the QB's).
Just so you all know, I never knew Kevin back then. I was nine, and living in!!!! Hey...what happened to all of his hair???? This is a picture of my hubby on our wedding day, and this is the man that I fell in love with. (See honey??? I can be!!!) ...And last but not least, we have a picture of Kevin and Eric, both hunting in Deer park again. It appears that he has passed that rifle down to Eric now, doesn't it???? Oh well...what's a mother to do????Anyway, I hope that your day is grand, and that we spend many more together!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (Tomorrow!!!!)

*********Now that Kevin has seen this post, he said that the first picture is not in Deer Park, rather it is in Okanogan, at his dairy farming cousins' friends' ranch. Trust me...I was just as confused by the Angus cattle on a dairy farm as you!!!!**********************