Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Evening Ride

My hubby complains ALL of the time about our blog. He thinks that it is too "horsey." Is that even possible???? I told him that there are plenty of "non-horsey" posts, and that he is just being overly sensitive, because it is not a "man" blog. Being an outdoorsy, hunting, kind of guy, he feels that the blog should include pictures of deer, elk, bear, and cougar, and that they should be dead, with him smiling next to them...ick!!!! I can't STAND hunting, but unfortunately, both my hubby and my son think that it is the greatest thing to do every fall. Maybe he just gets jealous because he can only hunt a small part of the year, and I can ride ALL year long...ha ha!!!

So, last night we went on one of our many rides--in a pickup truck, not on a horse!!--and we took the camera along just in case. I figured out how to turn the date stamp off--yeah, I am so happy!!!--and while we did not see a lot of wildlife, it was a beautiful night to be out. We decided to go to a different area than we usually do, and that may be why we did not see as many animals; in our "usual "place, we always see a ton of deer and elk.
Remember the "watchful eye" post? Well here it is again; peering at us as we drove up an old, dusty, logging road. We were obviously closer than 40 or 50 miles last night, huh?
This is the very same river that runs through our town--I've posted about it as well--only we were up much higher, peering down at it with our new friend, the Watchful Eye. Kind of Mordor-ish, isn't it? Are any of you Lord of the Ring fans? My son has watched every single movie about 1000 times, which means that my hubby and I have too. I am afraid to say that I probably know every line out of every movie...sad, I know!
This is a horrible picture. It was NOT that dark out, but for some reason, my camera thought that it was. Can you see the elk standing in the middle, towards the right, of the picture? There were about five cows and their calves, but the pics did not turn out at all. You can mostly just make out her light colored behind.
On our way home, we drove through dairy farm land, to see the local, resident, elk herd. They are really tame, and not that scared of humans, which is good during the summer months, but not so good during the fall, when the farmers open their fields up to bow hunters :(
Again, not a great photo, but at least you can see the elk better. If you were unable to see the lone elk up above, I bet you can see her now! I set my camera to take evening pictures, but they always turn out blurry unless you hold perfectly still...something I apparently cannot do! There are some HUGE bulls--bull elk that is!!--out in the field, so I will try to get close enough to take a good pic of one for you. Kevin (my hubby) would be so happy!!!


Mrs Mom said...

AAAGGHHH!! SNOW!! lol.. I moved to the Southland to shy right the heck away from that white stuff...hehehe... 30 yrs of Tundra Country was more than enough for this chick ;)

Too Horsey? No WAY!! If he needs a blood and guts fix, I am srue there are some blogs with other hunters out there...;)

Thanks for popping in at the Daily Journal! I dont get the chance to actively "find" other blggers, so someone leaving a comment is a blast for me - means a new blog to visit and enjoy!

See more of you all soon!

Meg said...

Too Horsey? NEVER, there is no such thing!!! Thanks for stopping by, I really like your place. I tried to add you to my reader, but couldn't, what gives?

You are very sweet to call me both down to earth and glam...what a concept!

Get your feed up and running so I can add you!!!

Have a great day! I am in a meeting and should not be doing this, teeeheee!!!

Pony Girl said...

Great pics!
Have you ever tried editing your photos once you've downloaded them? I found the trick to low light photos is to add light once they are on your computer. It's like a miracle. I use Picassa2 editing, it's no Photoshop, but, it helps a little. It's free from google, you can download it in minutes.
I agree w/Meg, you can never have too much horses on the blog! I always have the opposite problem- I'm always afraid to post something that has nothing to do with horses!
Tell Hubby to start his own man-blog, hee. ;)

The Knutson's said...

Mrs. Mom, Meg, and Pony Girl-

I made my husband read your comments, and he just laughed!!!
I told him to go sit in his "Man Room," and be quiet.

In our house, the WHOLE thing is mine, to decorate how I want, except for the is the official Man Room, with dead animals hanging on the walls and all :)

20 meter circle of life said...

oh such nice pics. the post reminded me of my Grandparents the loved to go for a "ride". They went for a "ride" most every weekend, looking at the Eastern Oregon Countryside, now as a 13 year old girl I was mortified that anyone ever find out I went on these rides. Now looking back with both of them gone, those were very special times, something about the views and the hum of the wheels made things come easy. Thanks for the memory