Monday, October 26, 2009

Wait A Second!!!!

Goodness! I don't post for over a month and then I go and post twice in as many weeks. What's up with that??? LOL!!! I wanted to thank all of you for stopping by and leaving comments. It was good to hear from all of you out there in blogland. :)

Seeing as how fall...and hunting season...and football...and...where was I ???? Oh yeah...seeing as how all of the above have descended upon us like a swarm of bees, I figured I better put a couple of obligatory football and hunting shots up.
We were driving down an old logging road the other day, when I spotted what I thought was an owl. Eric quickly identified it as a grouse, loaded his shotgun, jumped out of the truck, yelled "cover your ears," and proceeded to shoot it. I must admit that I am starting to like wild grouse!I took the above picture of Kevin, Eric, and Katie while they were perched atop an old logging stand. And believe it or not (I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself) orange vests really do stand out in all of that clear cut and/or greenery. Next we have Eric in his quarterback stance (if you look close you can see the ball as it moves towards his eager hands), and laying on the ground after he dove for and removed some poor kids' flags. This will be his last year playing flag football, as we have decided to move him up to tackle football next yearAnywho...I also forgot to mention that, after three years of suffering, we have bought ourselves a new travel trailer. It is a 26 foot fifth wheel, with a slide-out, and man is it nice!

Well, I guess I better be going, as I should be working on a paper that I have to turn in tomorrow...blech!!!! I have been told that I am officially suffering from senioritis, and it is just terrible...teeheehee!!!!
Until next time....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Password??? What Is My Password???

Sheesh!!!! You know it has been a while since you last blogged, when you don't remember how to log!!!! I hope everyone is doing well, and I really miss checking on you all, but I just have not had the time.

Here is a quick run-down of what we have been up to...

Washington has had a record breaking salmon-spawning season, and we have spent many hours at the various creeks and rivers watching them as they make their way upstream. In the picture below, Eric was helping to move one past a man-made, rock dam, and I had him pause a moment for a picture.

Did I mention that there have literally been thousands of salmon??? The water was literally crawling with them...
Uhmmmmmmmm...all three of my sisters (Beki, Amber and Jen) had birthdays, and so did Eric and my sister-in-law, Mary. Oh yeah, and Kevin and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary!The kidlets started at their new school (the first of September), and while Eric settled in just fine, Katie is just now starting to adjust. Poor thing! They went from a school of around 280 kidlets to a school of almost 500 kidlets, so it has been kind of a culture shock for her. Eric and Amber's husband, Brad, harvested a large bull elk with a bow back in September, and then Brad shot and killed a black bear, so I guess you could say that hunting season is/has been in full swing. I was hoping that Eric would be upset and distraught over calling in and watching a bull elk die, but he wasn't...thanks Brad!!!! LOL!!! I am, of course, still in school, but I only have to go two days per week. They are long days though, and on Tuesdays, I leave the house at 6:45 in the morning and don't get home until 10:00 at night.
This leaves M/W/F open for me to work at my internship, and I love every minute of it! I am working for the Indian child welfare office at a local reservation, and every day, I meet amazing people, see tremendous suffering (I am not so fond of that part!), and gain invaluable knowledge. my spare time, I catch a horseback ride here and there, and spend as much time with my family as I can. Above and below are some pictures that I took while out "hunting" with the boys...and Katie! (If you click on the picture above of Katie and Kevin, you can see Katie's toothless!!!)
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Eric is playing football. I have been a bad mom so far though, and I have not taken any pictures...
Anywho, it feels good to stop in and say "hi," and I hope that all of you are doing well. Until next time...