Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Award..or Two...or Three!!!!!

Twinville, over at the Laughing Orca Ranch, passed the "Awesome Site Award " on to me--still not sure why yet!!--and now, it's time for my acceptance speech:
"First I would like to thank my mom, for having me and encouraging my love of horses.
Second I would like to thank my second grade teacher...." Hahaha! I am just joking with you!

Thank YOU, Twinville!!! I love going to your blog too :)

Then, Nancy, over at Nancy's Nonsense, insisted that I visit her blog and snag myself two more awards!!!
Thank you, Nancy!!!!
They are....

AND...Now, as all of you know, I am supposed to nominate others for these awards, but I have noticed that several of you already have them. So, to "share the love" and pass these lovely awards on, I am going to say that ANYONE who comes to my blog, and does not already have one of these awards, please feel free to award yourself!!!!!
Thanks again to EVERYONE who likes to take a peek at my life...just so you know, craziness is NOT transmittable via the internet...teeheehee...lol!!!


Mrs Mom said...

Ahem, does this mean we have to do the "golf clap" thing to show you applause? ;)

Way to go girl!

20 meter circle of life said...

Golf clap, Heck NO!! WHOOT WHHOT

The Knutson's said...

Mrs. Mom- You are too funny!!

Jewel- I see what kind of yeller you are!!! Must be all of those Arab shows...heeheehee!!

allhorsestuff said...

Please come visit me at ALLHORSESTUFF .blogspot