Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If It's Not One Thing.......

Hello....hello!!!!!! I am thinking that everyone has figured that I quit blogging. Not quite the case. It is true that I have not been on Blogger in like...I don't know...two-three months???? BUT, I am not done with all of you yet!!!! LOL!!!!

What has my problem been???? Honestly???? I have had a really difficult time adjusting to working everyday. There. I said it. Plain and simple....I wish I only worker three days per week. I have been spoiled the last three years in school, and going back to work has definitely taken some getting used too. Now before you get all put-your-big-girl-panties-on-and-quit-complaining on me, just know that until the last three years, I worked 30-40 (or more) hours per week, so it is not like I did not know what I was getting myself into. And for the record, I am working 30 hours per week, M-F, 9-3:30. Now when you factor in my 45 min. commute it gets a bit longer, but that is the price you have to pay to live out in the country....and I am okay with that.

I just wish I were home more......
My job??? I really love it. I enjoy working with elderly residents and their families, and boy do I have some good stories to tell! (Paying attention to privacy laws and using fake names etc... of course!!!) It is nice to be out in the real world and to be treated like a real person again, rather than a student. It is also kind of weird to return back to the workforce as a professional and not just a worker bee.
When I was a nurse, I was "just a nurse," but now I have some serious credentials and education behind my name and other professionals actually listen to what I have to say. It has taken some getting used too, and I am not bashing nurses or other worker bees, because they are really the eyes and ears of the health care field. And CNA's??? They should get paid way more than they do...just saying.
So....I am still here, and I am hoping that I am finally getting into the swing of this working thing. Enough said about that for now.....
On the horse front, I have only gotten to ride a small handful of times lately, even though Amber now has the weekends off too. Why???? Because I only have my weekends to get hundreds of things done, which has included attending my kidlet's volleyball and football games on Saturdays, and taking them up snowboarding.
I know, I know...that's how it is when you work, right??? Oops, I am not supposed to talk about that!!!! : )
It's all good though. I hope that I can stop off at some of your blogs and do some serious catching but, but I may have to start over from scratch alright???
Thanks for listening to me vent and I will be back soon....I promise!!!