Monday, July 28, 2008

The Old Gray Mare..I Mean Gelding...

What is cuter than a little girl in pink, on an old gray Arab??? Wait... let me answer that for you..."nothing!"

Doesn't Bo Bo look happy to have a bossy little girl, who kicks his sides incessantly--I am sorry Bo, but her legs aren't quite long enough for a nice, gentle squeeze!!-- and yells at him, smiling and sitting pretty upon his back? He probably wishes that he were back at his old house, fighting the the other horses for food...ummmm... OK, maybe not :)All of the horses are happy to see us when we pull in to Amber's driveway, but Bo always looks REALLY happy, for you see, Bo is character, with lots of personality, and he likes to have me and the kidlets around for his own selfish purposes. That way he can eat lots of grass, get brushed--especially in his itchy spots!!-- be ridden by lightweight people who don't ask for much--when compared to me!!--chew his tongue, drink out of cups, and eat Cheetos! What more could any horse ask for???

On another note...Twinville has nominated me for another award, so I will have to mosey on over, and pick it up, a little later on!
Thanks to all of you who come over and read my guys are the greatest ;)


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Cheetos huh?? wonder if Less would like them, he LOVES choc. chip cookes and Reese's Pbutter cups...:-)
You're right, there is nothing cuter! That is an adorable pic, Bo looks so happy with himself! What a cute guy he is.

sidetracked said...

Great blog. Thanks for browsing on mine. I'll have to look at yours more often now. Been really busy lately but promise to write something more profound later.

jesterjigger said...

Bo does look happy! Every little girl needs a horse like Bo in their early riding years, nothing better than a great confidence builder horse.

Mrs Mom said...

Awww look at that handsome old star there! Packing around his little lady with all the charm in the world!

Man I just love "seasoned" citizen horses! They rock.

The Knutson's said...

Denise- Our horses eat an large assortment of human food too!
Bo really likes Oreo cookies:)

Sidetracked- I definitely understand being busy!

Jesterjigger- He looks rather pleased with himself, doesn't he?

Mrs. Mom- Seasoned horses are worth their weight in gold!

Pony Girl said...

They are quite the charming pair~ and I'm convinced that Bo is lovin' his new easy-street life!

20 meter circle of life said...

I like what I see there. Hmmm Region 5 in the future???

Grey Horse Matters said...

That is one sweet horse, but isn't every gray horse sweet? Love the pink too. And congratulations on all of your awards.

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Ahhhh, how cute!
Wow, cheetos.. that is funny.

Congrats on a new award!

as you can see, I am making my way thru your posts from way back.. it is a catch up day!