Monday, June 30, 2008

You Might Be a Redneck If...

...Your local town's parade consists of about 45 minutes worth of watching loaded log trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trailers, and fire trucks full of kids, slowly parade down Main Street!!!! I know, I know...kind of hokey, but it is fun:) My point and shoot camera is so slow, that I was not able to get a pic of Eric on the fire truck, but here is Katie--with her usual,big, smile!--waving at someone from the back of the antique fire truck.Here is a pic of one of the loaded flatbed trailers after it went through the parade. When the parade is over, all of the various equipment parks out by the highway--causing a HUGE traffic jam from all of the Lookie Lous!--and you are then able to walk around and look at it. I never did make it back over there...oh well. This is some kind of log grabbing, limb stripping, machine. My husband will probably chastise me for not remembering its name:)
Similar to a traditional rodeo, the loggers rodeo has a rodeo clown. This year was the first year for Timber the Clown, as Gyppo, the longstanding rodeo clown, retired last year. We were standing in line to get lunch, when I looked up and saw him perched way up in the tree above us.... for the opening ceremony, the clown zip-lines down into the arena for a tree. I did not realize it at the time, but Timber was looking down and waving at us. "Hi Timber!" He was probably wondering who the gorgeous, blonde, model was (LOL), that was taking his picture. "I didn't know that Heidi Klum came to the log show," he was thinking to himself!These guys make this look so easy! Don't you all wish that you could climb up and down a tree like Spiderman???This long-legged fella happens to be Trailblazer Martha's son, as he is descending in the 88 degree heat. It was REALLY warm during the log show, and I do not know how the poor contestants did not all drop dead from heat exhaustion! I was out in the sun form 9:00-6:30 on Saturday, and I now look like a lobster.

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Angie Penrose said...

LOL! You've gotta love buckley!! :)