Friday, June 13, 2008

Will I Ever Get To Ride????

Aaaahhhhh....the joy of being selfless!!! Here we are on yet another Friday, that I get to walk on my own two feet, while my rugrats smile down--or up if your Katie!!--at me from horseback. Oh well. Such is life. I just remind myself of the twenty years I got to ride WITHOUT kidlets, and then I remember that I am thankful that they enjoy horses along with me.

I wanted to post a picture of Bo from this week and one from last week. We started him on some super-duper--$20 per bag--senior horse feed, and we can really tell a difference already. It is not so easy to tell from the pictures, but he has really filled out along his top-line, belly, and behind. He has also been getting ridden at least twice a week, so he is finally starting to develop some more muscle. He was really wasted when Amber got him back...just the result of five years of sitting around in a pasture, and competing with five other horses for food. Did I mention that Bo is NOT the boss? You get the idea!

Here are my kids, using all of their "proper" grooming advice that they have been given. You know, how they should always be down on their knees when working with horses, or better yet, crawling on the ground with them!! At least they are both on the same side!Here is Waska Woo Woo feeling quite left out, because we had not yet gotten him out yet. Here is Jibby, I mean Katie, with her usual smile, as we were just heading out for a trail ride. Can I call it a trail ride if Amber and I were walking and jogging alongside and behind the kidlets?Cheyenne rode Waska Woo Woo. I was supposed to ride him, but remember, I was being selfless. Bo Bo was right on his heels.Sienna was looking kind of tired already, but not Katie. She is always up for a big smile.
Waska forgot that he was not supposed to stop and eat on the trail. Doesn't he have that "deer in the headlights" look? "I wasn't doing nuthin!!! Just meandering down the trail."
Speaking of meandering. I better catch up to the rest of the herd!

Sienna and Katie went out to a little island in the creek. Once out there, Sienna promptly fell asleep. Katie hopped off, while Amber tried to wake her up. Good job auntie Amber!
I turned around--thank goodness I did!!--and Eric said "Look mom! I can stand up on Bo when his is standing still!" What horse is going to move when they are eating grass like that? My sisters and I used to do that on our horses, but we were in an arena, not on a motorbike/quad/horse trail down by the river! I said "Very nice Eric. Now get DOWN!" We played a little longer down by the river, and then began our trek home.Until next time....Happy trails to you!


Pony Girl said...

I enjoyed the pictures of your ride. It looks like everyone was really having fun. I read that Waska is a NSH. Very pretty! How tall is he?

The Knutson's said...

Pony Girl-
You remember correctly...Waska is a NSH. Although his body is very Saddlesbred-y, it is very long and lean and his neck is really upright, he did not get the Saddlebred's size; Waska measures in at a tiny 14.2 hands (barely!). He is really very handsome, but I have a hard time capturing "it" on photo.
He is MUCh easier to mount than My Boy!!! LOL:)

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Sure looks like it was a grand time! Love the pictures. Everything is so green, that is nice. Right now the only mass of green we have are the weeds...HA!

The Knutson's said...

Momma/Cowgirl-Sorry that I did not see your comment until just now! Thanks for stopping by. The one good thing about all of the rain that we have had, is that everything has remained sooo green!