Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hello everyone!!!
I decided to start a blog...well actually, I was pressured into it by my two children. Seeing as how I am done with school-for now- and have the summer off, I ran out of excuses to give my kids. "Mommy has too much homework" just doesn't cut it anymore. This blog also means that I have to quit being lazy, and download my pictures onto the computer. Don't worry, I won't put all 1000 of them on this blog! Now you guys can look at our blog when you feel like you need a "kid" fix. I am not quite sure how this will turn out, because I am NOT creative, but I will at least pretend to be for now.
Until next time......


Pony Girl said...

Welcome to blogging! Be prepared. It will take over your life. Really. But it is such great fun. I enjoy reading and learning from other horse people. There are a lot of great bloggers out there!
I will check back soon. I am curious to hear about your horseback riding....and see a couple of those 1,000 photos! ;)

Horsey Mommy said...

Pony Girl-

Thanks for stopping by! I checked your blog out too. I am going for a ride tomorrow and will make a point to take my camera with me...as well as download the REST of the pictures!