Friday, June 6, 2008


OK, I just figured this out!!! Sorry for the confusing post! Below is a picture of me and Bo. (for his introduction, keep reading!) For some reason, I cannot figure out how to move the pictures around once I get them on the page. I am going to have to call Angie!!! To introduce the cast of characters, I will start with Bo.

Cabalero SF, aka "Bo" and "Bo Bo Bulgey Eye," is Amber's 20 year old, Arabian gelding, that she leased for five years, returned back to his owner--the owner was going to start riding again--and then just got him back--this time for good--after five years. Bo basically sat in a pasture for the past five years, and he looks pretty bad right now. My son Eric, and I ride Bulgey Eye alot, and by the end of summer, he should be looking good again. I will have to post pictures of Bo and Amber from about six years ago...totally different looking horse! I must mention that Bo was a supberb show horse, as well as a trail horse, back in his day. I think that my kids will show him a little bit, but we mostly just like to have fun on him. I will have to take some pictures of Eric roping from his back--no, he does not rope cattle, just his mom!!

Amber and Bo.
Bo chewing on his tongue!

This little cutie is CD's Sienna, aka "Sienna "and "Pony Pig" (American Shetland). Sienna was born at my mom and dads farm 15 years ago, and has always lived with Amber. Sienna and Amber have won lots of ribbons over the past 10 years, and for the first time in her life, Sienna is actually being ridden by my daughter, Katie. Sienna is quite small---so is Katie!!--so they make a good pair. I will get some pictures of them riding today.

Sienna and her cart.

Last but not least, we have Waska, aka "Waska Woo Woo."He is a 10 year old 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Saddlebred, NSH, that Amber bought last summer. I actually like to call Waska MY horse--although I am beginning to become really attatched to BO!!--because I am the one who find him for Amber. I saw his add on Dream, and told Amber about this horse that would be perfect for her. Here is a sample of how the conversation went:

Me: Amber, I found this really cute horse with lots of trail experience to go look at. The only thing is that he is a NSH (We have always primarily had Arab's, but for some reason, Amber dislikes NSH's and pintos).

Amber: I hate NSH's!!!

Me: I know Amber, but he is really cute...and he has cellulite on his butt...I can see it from his picture! (what woman would not like a horse with cellulite on it butt???)

Amber: Well... A good trial horse you say?

Me: It says he is. You know how comfy Saddlebreds can be. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is also a pinto??? (I was sweating by then)

Amber:Melllllll......You know I HATE pintos!!! I am not looking at him.

Obviously she did, and here he is:

Waska Woo Woo.

Here is another picture of Sienna. My son, Eric, was showing her in-hand, before a driving class. You can see how tiny she is.

As previously mentioned....the weather around here SUCKS!!! My sister, Amber, and I wanted to throw on our rain gear--thanks Martha for offering to let me use your extra Outback coat!--and head out to the hills, but we had to change our plans a little to accomodate her 16 year old stepdaughter, Cheyenne. Cheyenne is visiting from Utah for a whole month and she baically has to sit at home by herself all day, so when we mentioned riding, we did not have the heart to tell her "No. You cannot come." Deciding to improvise, Amber and I figured that we would trailer down to the local "Rails to Trails" trail, a recently rennovated old train track that runs for miles, and that Amber would drive her pony Sienna, while Cheyenne and I rode the horses. So, I got up early, dropped my unhappy--how dare I go riding without them???--kids off at school, drove over to Ambers, helped load up the trailer, cart included, and we all headed towards Orting, with the skies becoming grayer and grayer. Once we arrived, it promptly began downpouring, so we decided to improvise again, and called the local stable, which just so happens to have a covered arena, and asked if it was currently available for us to use. It was, so we spent the next three hours dinking around in the arena. Not exactly fun, but hey, at least we were riding!

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I think Sienna has waited a long time for just the right rider.