Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jinx and Tomatoes

Now that I let his secret about being camera shy out, for the whole world to read, Jinx decided to let me take one quick picture of him. That's it though! When I tried to get another one of him, he dropped his ears down, rolled over on his back, and said "Please don't beat me!" For anyone reading this blog, who does not know Jinx, he was horribly abused by a previous owner, and I know that the Dog Whisperer says that dogs live in the moment, but poor Jinxy always reverts back to a cowering, groveling, belly-crawling, pile of fur, when the camera comes out, or you raise your voice at him. The other bad thing that goes along with a previously abused dog, is that when he gets in trouble, he looses control of his bladder. Don't tell anyone though, or Jinx will get really embarrassed!
How could you hit this??? Maybe after he jumps on the counter and eats daddy's dinner that was shoved back as far as it would go, or he gets into the garbage, get the idea! These are my pathetic tomato plants. Usually by now they are much larger. Once September comes, I send the kids around with bucketfuls of tomatoes, and tell them to give them away to all of the neighbors. I HOPE that they have not been stunted by the freezing has been in the low 40's at night. I will keep you all posted on their progress!

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