Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Weather Again!

This is what it looked like from about 4:00 on last night. We had sustained winds of 25mph, with gusts of 40-50mph. I know, I know...not that strong of winds for our area, but they were pretty strong for June! My camera did not catch the sheets of rain that were falling either. My poor kids were so desperate to play outside, that they put their winter gear on, and took off. My neighbors probably thought that I was crazy to let them play outside, but I could no longer contain them. Besides, there is no lightening, thunder, tornadoes etc... to worry about over here! Sorry that the pictures are so dark. It was only about 6:00, but it was raining really hard, and there was NO light getting through the clouds! You can "click" on them to enlarge them if you want to get a better view. You can just see the top of one of my potted lavenders. They are huge this year! They stand about one and a half feet high already. I LOVE my lavender, and this year I have also planted some rosemary and sage. There is nothing like fresh herbs to cook with! I found this really old recipe that makes a sugar-like cookie, and you put lavender flowers in it. I might have to try it some time. Eric and Katie making goofy faces! Eric is dressed up in his camouflage coveralls. I asked him if he thought it was hunting season, and he told me that it "sure feels like it!!!"
Jinx is really camera shy. If he knows that you have the camera, he starts cowering and belly crawling around. Weird. Ahh...the joys of adopting a previously abused canine! Anyway, I snapped this picture of his head and ruff after he came in from playing with the kids. Now you know why we call him "curly merly."Of course, he is ALWAYS curly, and ALWAYS shedding. It's OK though. How could I not love a dog that has curly hair like me? Maybe I should get him some humidity spray to control his frizzies during the wet weather!

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