Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Undefeated and Field Day

Eric is officially done playing baseball, and his team walked away without losing one game! However, at their final game last night, they were behind 8-2 in the third inning, and that had never happened before! Some of us mothers--you know who you are:)--starting freaking out and had to rally behind the boys. I think we all forgot what it was like to not play so well, and we were all cheering the team on, as well as biting our nails and feeling sick to our stomachs (lol)! It paid off though, because they ended up winning and I think--you would think that I would remember the final score??--that the score ended up being 15-8, or something like that. Katie got sick of me taking pictures of her brother, and deliberately placed herself in front of my camera. How could I resist? Here is yet another baseball picture of my favorite pitcher!
Yesterday also happened to be field day at the kid's school. I went and had lunch--well I ate lunch BEFORE going to their school...have you SEEN what they feed kids at school???--and then I helped Eric's teacher hand out Otter Pops for two hours. Fun. Amy went around and took pictures of my kids at the various stations. Eric and Katie happened to be on the same team, so it was easy for her to get them both at the same time. Notice Eric in the background. He was thinking "I ain't gonna do that with a girl! Gross!"
Told ya! See the look of disgust on his face? It was because he had to "do it" with a girl. His words, not mine. I think that Katie is wistfully looking my direction, hoping that she can get an Otter Pop pretty soon.
Here they are, trying to pick up marbles with their toes in a tub full of ice. I was really surprised that mister germ-o-phobe, Eric, did this one. I better not tell him that his WHOLE school had their stinky, sweaty feet in that very same tub. It can be our little secret!


Cowboys. Kids, and Sunsets said...

My son is also a pitcher! It amazes me at ten (the age he started pitching) How "Professional" they get! He is 12 now and quite good if I do say so myself!!
"Trainwreck" he! he! It is one of my horses names! He is beautiful! But he always is the one bad things happen too! As a new blogger I couldn't think of a name, and wasn't sure if you used your own!! I wondered what people must think!! Also tell you daughter, she is very pretty!!

The Knutson's said...

Trainwreck is the perfect name for an accident-prone horse! Yes...Katie knows that she is cute! That is part of her problem:)