Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our new home...Just kidding!!!

So, some of you know how my kids and I pester my poor husband about moving somewhere nicer. We want to live in a place like Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, or New Mexico--parts of California would be OK too!--but at this point, we would settle for Eastern Washington.In my husbands defense, the main reason that we stay here is because of his job, and all of the wonderful benefits that come along with it. It would be silly to give that up, so until we strike oil--not kidding, they are preparing to drill on my father-in-laws old homestead in North Dakota--we are stuck right here in cloudy,rainy, gloomy Western Washington.Selling our property and moving to town, to cut down on expenses for school and make our life easier when the kids were little, was, I guess, a good thing, but I cannot stand living in town...even if the town and surrounding areas population is only about 4000. Do you know how much I cringe when I go out to the front yard, to watch my kids, and have multiple neighbors come over and want to talk to me???? Can't I just sit on the front porch and read my book?? I am NOT anti-social, but I do enjoy my privacy.If it were not for my sister, Amber, and her husband, Brad, who live about seven minutes away, on a small farm with the horses, I would go crazy!!! OK, I have done enough rambling!Because we are weird, my husband, kids and me like to look at real estate, both local and away, and drool over places that we wish we could live, we came across the place below. Do you know how hard it is to tell your country loving, horse crazy kids that we could have some of those places if it were not for me being in school??? The guilt is enormous, but I just remind the kids-- not my husband as he is much more cerebrally advanced!--that good things come to those who wait, and that it will be worth the sacrifice once I am done with school. Anyway--I am rambling again!-if we could buy a beautiful piece of property right now, it would be this ranch in Challis, Idaho, just because of this picture. Is this not a beautiful picture???? Talk about a picture saying a thousand words!
Does it matter that the ranch is located in the middle of NOWHERE, and that I would most likely have to home school my kids??? Uh...yeah, maybe it does! I could NEVER home school my kids. I respect and admire ANYONE who can home school, and also anyone who is a teacher by trade. God bless them and may they be paid whatever amount they ask for to teach our kids.Enough said. Here is our new home.
PS-- OK, so it is above this post. I could not get it to move down :)


Jennifer said...

Hey you cant leave!! Why is this the first Im hearing of this?!? Im your sister for crying out loud! Im pretty excited about you having this blog...its kinda like myspace for older people. :D
Love you!!


Horsey Mommy said...

My space for old people!!! That cracks me up. I guess it kinda is!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading and seeing pictures. Can't wait to see pictures of my favorite two little people - you know who you are! Marilyn