Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bud Bud and Baseball

Most of you know that baseball has consumed our lives for the past two months, due to Eric and his two friends, Michael and McKay, moving up from Parks and Rec baseball, to Chinook Little League. They have learned SO much this season, thanks to their wonderful coach, Phil! Good job boys! I have slacked on taking pictures of Eric playing ball, because I have come to rely on my friend, Angie (McKay's mom), who just so happens to be a photographer, to take pictures of my kids for me. Just last night I told her that it was HER fault that I did not have any pictures, because she was supposed to take them and e-mail them to me, so I can then share them with you. See how that works? Just joking Angie!!! You know I love you :)
So...last night at baseball, I had to start taking pictures. Actually, I made Kevin do it, and I had to ask Becky to take the ones of Eric pitching, because I could not get them shot at the right time. Thanks Becky!
Kevin snapped this picture right as Eric was checking himself on a pitch that was called a "ball" by the umpire. It was at this moment that we all yelled "Good eye Eric!"
Eric pitched two innings during the game last night. Looking at this picture gives me that proud, chest swelling, almost teary-eyed feeling that us moms get when we look at our children and think "They got some of that from me," and "Look at how big he/she is getting." Ok, Ok...I know that most of his baseball talent comes from his proud daddy, but he does have half of my DNA too!!
The wind-up and throw. Gulp.
Just after the release. Sniffle. Besides occasionally pitching, Eric plays short stop, third base, and outfield, although lately he has been kept on the infield only. That's because he has my cat-like, lightening-fast reflexes! Ok, so maybe he got those from his dad too. Anyway...Katie has a game tomorrow, as she has just started playing coach-pitch, so I will have to have someone take some pictures of her too.

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Angie Penrose said...

Look how good your pictures turned out! See you don't need me! :) I took my picture when we got home. I'll have my camera tonight though. Baseball has sure been fun. Eric looks so professional there pitching. He did awesome!