Friday, June 20, 2008

Whales and Kids

Oh my goodness. I do not even know where to start! This was the last week of school for both of the kids, and they basically had parties and assemblies ALL week long. I actually spent three of the past five days at school with both kids, thus my recent lack of blogging. Being at school with a bunch of kindergarten through fifth graders is exhausting! Especially when you are me!!! Remember...I don't "do" kid stuff--well I guess that I cannot say that now! Anywho, yesterday was the Cinderella Ball, a day where the kids dress up as a favorite Disney character-or whatever!!-and then they have a parade and "ball" the last two hours of school. It was also the kindergarten graduation, and Katie's class had a pizza/ice cream party to celebrate. For the ball, Katie dressed up as a princess, and Eric was a cowboy. I told him to tell people that he was Billy the Kid or Jesse James if anyone asked. Then I remembered that Jesse was a bank robber, and I think that Billy was too-- does anyone know who he was? I guess I can google him and find out!--so I told Eric to tell people that he was Woody from The Toy Story. Thankfully no one asked:)
Here are Katie and Kajsa taking a minute from eating their pizza, to smile for the camera. "Katie, look at me and smile," I said, " I need to have a good picture for the blog." Pony Girl warned me that blogging takes over your life! I should have ran.
Eric looks rather bandit-ish here. Hmmm...I wonder what I caught him doing, or at least thinking about doing? It was really hot out, and Eric was really warm in his Wranglers and cowboy shirt. Maybe he was going to swipe that poor boys juice? He definitely looks guilty of something!
Katie danced with everybody. Here she is dancing with Eric's teacher for the past two years (split class). She is the lovely lady in red, and will most likely be Katie's teacher for first and second grade too.
Katie smiling as she accepts her book and walks down the kindergarten graduation line.
Once we were done with school for the day, we had to take Katie to her coach-pitch game. She looks kind of girly in this picture, don't you think? "Ew! I cannot believe that I am standing out here in the dirt. This is so disgusting! I might break a nail!" Here she is right after the ball whizzed over her head, and we were all yelling at her to go get it. Doesn't she look a bit dazed and confused? I am NOT claiming that must come from her dad (lol).
If you click on this picture and enlarge it, you will see that Katie even smiles while she is swinging her bat. She is trying to charm the pitcher. Good girl!!

Today was the last day of school for the rest of the kids, and it was only a 1/2 day, so some of us mothers got together and took the kids to Saltwater State Park, for lunch and a little bit of fun in the sun. We got to see an amazing sight while there as well. Some of you may have seen, on the news, that there is a Humpback whale that is hanging out in the sound. Biologists are not sure if it is lost, or if it is just hanging out eating lots of yummy whale food! Well...a big boat went by, and as we were looking out at it, a GIANT whale leaped out of the water. It was the Humpback whale! It put on quite the show for us, and we got to watch it for about 15-20 minutes. Definitely the highlight of our day!

Sorry...another picture of the ever-smiling Katie!The boys were digging for clams and who knows what else! They had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun with your Dad on HIS special day. Looks like a great outing! Marilyn said...

I think the white hat puts him in the "good-guy" catagory. Katie really doesn't need a dress to be a princess. What a great end of the school year week.

The Knutson's said...

Marilyn-I think that the fun started on Kev's day, and continued ALL week! It was definitely a busy one.

Mom-I never thought about the whole "white hat" thing! Duh!!! I guess I need to brush up on my western movie trivia/facts.

Angie Penrose said...

Katie's so cute how can you not post lots of pictures of her! We sure had lots of fun at the beach. We'll have to go again soon. :)