Monday, June 30, 2008

Ma and Pa Double Bucking

It's during times like these, that I wish my camera had a better "zoom!" Amber was able to partner up with Brad this year, for the Ma and Pa double bucking event. It looks and sounds kind of easy, but-- you guessed it!!--it's really hard to successfully accomplish with another person...especially when that other person outweighs you by 80-100 pounds!
Right after they got going, their saw jumped out of its track, and they had to quickly reset it. Here you can see Amber smiling while Brad was probably going " Hurry up and get your side of the saw back in!!! They succeeded in getting in back in, and they finished with huge grins on their sweaty...I mean silly, faces. I was trying to shoot this picture from across the arena, and it did not work very well, but here we have Trailblazer Martha and her hubby competing in the Ma and Pa double bucking event. They are REALLY good at it, and they ended up placing 3rd out of 22 teams. Way to go!!!! I am not sure where Brad and Amber placed...probably somewhere in the middle:)

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