Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me Time!!!

Wow...I am blogging two times in as many days!!! Can you tell that the bulk of my papers are out of the way??? LOL!!! I still have two huge projects, that I really should be working on, but I am taking a small break right now.
Despite all of the homework-and life in general!-we have been getting some nice three-four hour long trail rides in on my designated riding days. (I don't care how much homework I have, there is nothing that helps to refuel my "me" tank, like being on the back of a horse and chatting with my riding pals!)
The past couple of weeks have been kind of cool and foggy, but we just layer up and go! Doesn't this picture just make you want to shiver? It does me, but maybe that's because I was down in it, and I remember the 37 degree!!!
This week Mr. Curly (below) was wearing a side-pull because last week he was quite chargey when we were all galloping like bats out of hell (there were four of us last week...Hi Kristina!!!) and he really wanted to be in the front. Of course, so did Bo Bo, who can also be really chargey, but I think that there is a huge difference between a 900 pound charging horse, and a 1200+ pound charging horse...there really!!!
I also tried something different with my pictures yesterday, and took them from a lower angle, to kind of give the view from the horses perspective. We did lots of exploring, both on old and new trails, and as you can see from Bo Bo's perspective, sometimes we didn't get anywhere too fast. (That is Amber and Waska circling back to tell us that we had reached the end of a trail) this one is shot at a higher angle, but I liked the way that it looked. It really accentuates Bo's bulgey eyes...teeheehee!!!Bo is not as adventuresome as he was in his earlier years, and as you can see in the picture below, he was not very happy to be heading in the wrong direction again. We rode on a lot of small trails that were in between, and connected to, larger ones so every time we came out on a main road/trail, Bo would shake his head, flick his tail, and do a little jig to say "Home is this way Mel, and I am ready to go there."
That is something that I have gotten used to with Bo. He is my elder and he thinks that he knows!!!
Last but not least, I couldn't not show you the T-Rex skull that we found...I mean the smelly deer carcass! There are still quite a few gut piles around, however they have now been reduced to mostly bone piles. They still stink to high heaven though!!!
Well...I am off to work on that assignment and also to get my hair cut and highlighted. I have not had a foil or cut since May, and I am in terrible need of one. I have tons of thick, crazy, curls, and I can't wait to have them chopped off and thinned out!!! All Horse, where are you when I need you??? LOL!!!
Have a great weekend you guys!!


Stephanie said...

Enjoy your "me" time!

BTW: I love side pulls - Pat was started in a side pull, I think in competition trainer get in a rush to have a horse broke and forget that very hand and completely logical piece of equipment. And then, if you horse has been worked in as a youngster when you need to you can "go back to the basics" with one. It puts them in a completely different mind frame and helps out in situation such as you mention or just if you're having trouble with a bit and you're confused and the horse is confuse you can alway grab that put it on and say "Lets start over on the right foot"

Great choice!

jesterjigger said...

I really like the new angle! You're crazy for trail riding when it's that cold. It was in the teens yesterday but still 25 in the barn, there's no way I would spend more than ten minutes outside if it's less than 40!

allhorsestuff said...

Hello there sweet Mellie!
Great to see you out there and on BO! His camera angles looked very nice indeedy.
We have only a State away in riding the trails so the greenery is the same!
I can't wait to meet you in person and ride together!! This summer.

YEA!!!so glad you went ...and glad your work for the moment is finsished.
I went to, maybe post later and get that Link stuff off there!
We plan on going tomorrow too..though it has been forcasted for raining. OH WELL..they don't call me the "Intrepid Rider" for nothing!
Got the Autrailain Oilskin Duster all ready to go!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Melanie, that does look more like a T-Rex skull than a deer carcass!

I'm almost finished with my Soc report. My problem with doing papers on the computer is I keep getting sidetracked to blogs! hehe

I'm glad you're out enjoying the horses. It was such a nice day today that Lisa and I went riding along the ridge and in the trees.
She rode Baby Doll and I rode my Mama-to-be, Annie.

I love my halfbreed bit. It's got a combination sidepull noseband and a ringed snaffle. Plenty of control if I need it, but since I wrap the noseband with fleece and ride very lightly, it's not harsh at all.

Breathe said...

Beautiful trail and dinosaur dig! LOL

Glad you're getting out for some horse time...

Pony Girl said...

I'm jealous you were able to hit the trails! ;)
That did look like a T-rex skull, LOL! So, what got the deer? Perhaps a....BEAR??????!!!

Natarojo said...

I am so jealous you are able to get out for some good trail rides! I miss having time to myself, let alone for a good trail ride. Love the pictures!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

ME time isn't allowed! jk, your trail rides sound like so much fun, good for you.
I keep having dreams about being back in school and having papers and projects that I've waited to the last minute to do and it's truly a nightmare! :-x

cdncowgirl said...

I like those "new perspective" pics, think I'll have to give it a try.
I've tagged you for the "6 things you don't know about me" meme.

Andrea said...

Holy Smokes! That T Rex is scary!! How could you even tell it was a deer? It looks all sorts of creepy! And that first picture reminded me of the movie, "Watcher in the Woods", creepy!!!

I am glad you got some me time. I need some of that. If I wasn't such a wuss, I would get on my three year old and ride, but I am a big scardy cat!! LOL!! I hope you stayed warm on your trail ride!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wicked! That really does look like some kind of evil dinosaur skull. Cool! I'm impressed that the horses didn't fret about it's bad smell.
We passed a bunch of skeletal remains of a cow while out on the ridge trail Saturday. The horses were curious, but the bones were bleached clean and dry, so nothing really to spook them.

I really like that high photo angle of BoBo. His neck looks so elegant there. (He doesn't have bulgy eyes. Shame on you. lol!) I love me your handsome BoBo, ya know ;)

I'm glad you got out and did some riding last weekend. It's so true what you said about "refueling your me-tank with being on the back of a horse and chatting with my riding pals!" That is just so me, I've discovered this past year.

I wish I could have started this horse-riding ownership thing years earlier. I would have been a much more relaxed and happier person :)

I just recently bought a half-breed side-pull for Baby Doll to help her head be a little lighter while out on the trail.

She pulls a 'BoBo" when she thinks it's time for us to head back home, and leans into her Bitless Bridle in the direction of the barn. I end up having to manhandle her head which causes us to be in a sort of stale mate with both of us pulling. So, a little more control at times, just to remind her that I'm at the helm, I think will go a long way towards more relaxed rides :)

Sorry, you had to learn about my Saturday ride from my buddy Val, too. I just haven't been able to keep up as well as I hoped, doing this ABC Challenge. I'm having fun with the daily challenge, but it is more time consuming than I thought.
I'll be relieved when I can move on and be able to keep up with all of my bloggin buddy's blogs better and just blog whenever I have something interesting to say or share :)

Oh. And I keep forgetting to tell you just how proud I am of you for your ability, focus and determination to continue your education. I admire you and am so excited to watch you attain your goals.
I mean it when I say that I'd love to figure out a way for us to get together, after your education goals are reached, to help you celebrate.

Interesting word verification tonight "supper". Well, it's time actually. lol!

New Mexico