Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello to everyone out there in blogland!!!!! I swear it feels like it has been months since I took my finals, and that is only because we have been so busy!! Thankfully, I have been able to get a lot my Christmas shopping done, but I have been doing it in the snow and ice with everyone else! The crowds are horrendous, and the roads are terrible. It took me two hours to get home from my parent's house last night, and it usually takes about 50 minutes! My husband is still working midnight to noon, and I just want this whole snow storm stuff to be done!!! I am so sick of the snow, and the cold, and the crowds, and the wind and ....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
In other news, I have started reading Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer (I think that I am like that last person on earth to read this!!!) and I am completely hooked!!! I have read about 3/4's of the book in one and a half days, and the only reason I am not done with it is because I have not been home. Amazing! Spectacular!! Fabulous!!!! And let me tell you...I had my doubts. I have read all of Ann Rule's and Laurel K. Hamilton's "R" and "X" rated vampire novels, so I figured that a "G" rated vampire story would put me to sleep in no time! Huh-uh...No such thing!!! The author gives you just enough info, that if you have a good imagination (or a dirty mind...teeheehee!!) you can fill in all of the blanks. :) Anywho...if you have not already read this book, please go do so now. I will be buying the next one tomorrow!!!


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you didn't blow away in the winds last night. I heard they were horrendous in your neck of the woods.

Pony Girl said...

Hi Melanie, well luckily I'm on vacation and although trapped with my family, the pressure is off for a while to be anywhere. So I am able to enjoy the snow a bit more. I am just hoping that all of my family can now make it here for Christmas!
I just started reading Twilight too! I'm not as far along as you. I actually was thinking of just pulling it out. I loved the movie! I usually prefer books (more details in them) over movies, so we'll see. I think I read one of Ann Rice's vampire books years ago, but was never hooked. I still like "The Lost Boys"~ my fave vampire movie! ;)

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I haven't read it and don't plan too:-) so don't worry you're not the last one.
I'm about done with my xmas shopping too, I always wait till the last minute to buy and wrap.
Stay warm!

Reddunappy said...

I have yet to read it to, my 17 yr old daughter seen the movie, then we bought her the book, she loved both. she read it in 2 days, and she isnt a reader! bought her the second one for christmas.

Gail said...

I have not read it yet. I will.
Imagination is great isn't it? No limits.
Hope your weather gets better soon. In Arkansas we are getting ready for another round of cold and wet or frozen stuff. It is supposed to be seven tonight. That is COLD for our neck of the woods!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Melanie,

Sounds like the weather's got you down, too. Around here the ground is too mushy to ride during teh day with strong winds, too. And then at night the ground freezes solid freezing all the hoofprints, making it impossible to walk without feeling like your walking through craters on the moon! gah!

I'm glad you're enjoying some book-time. I've never much got into vampire-type stories, books or movies, so I doubt I'd like that series you mentioned, but I am reading some great books right now, that Val loaned me, by Laura Crum (Have you 'seen' her posting on Mugwump Chronicles? They're having a terrific conversation about camping with horses).

I'm reading 'Cutter' right now, but I'm really excited about reading Slickrock, which has to do with horse-camping and trail slickrock country!
I have a dream to camp with my horse, so I'm excited about burrowing deep into that book.

Keep warm and drink some spiked cocoa for me....extra marshmallows and peppermint schnapps for me ;)

New Mexico

Andrea said...

Okay, my sister had begged me and begged me to read these books, and I told her, "yeah, yeah". I wasn't in to the entire vampire thing. But I have read all four books and I love love love them.

I have never read such thick books in such a short amount of time. They really get you hooked. And you know what?? The movie sucked compaired to the books. The book was way better. I hope that they do a better job with movie number two!!

You will enjoy the book. It's great entertainment for 8 bucks. That is how much that book is at wal mart.

Enjoy reading it. I have them on cd and listen to it in the car all the time.

allhorsestuff said...

hooowhoa no!
I'm not into that vampire stuff you're not the last..I will be!
Isn't weird to be taken out of the normal everyday...quiet can be a strange and wonderful thing...but it has made me brew up a batch of spiced cidar and I am actually going to walk up halfway to meet my husband..he pulled a double on his new job, with the wine and we'll slide all the way home I am sure!
Hope hubby gets to come back for Christmas!!! All public and utility workers are tackling this stuff!

hicut = the pants I will wear out tonight to keep from draggin in the snow~

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

YAAYAYAYAY!! Malanie!!! Let me scoot on over and make room for you on the Twilight band wagon!!! LOL

Glad that I am not the only one over the age of 18 to get suckered into the Twilight love affair. It kinda sucks that they get stuck into the "vampire book" genre! They are really not about vampires in the traditional sense!

Oh Oh oh!!! The painfully chaste love scenes were nearly the death of me! I have a great imagination but...COME On!!! *sigh*. LOL

Stephanie said...

Gosh seems like have a a hundred books I need to get through first before picking up any new ones. But that one is one my list to try.

Your not the only one in the universe who hasn't read that book yet - I too haven't visited the twilight story line as of yet. But maybe after Christmas.

We've already left our last year's record show fall in the dust and its only December! I can't only imagine what the rest of the winter holds for the Clayton / Loonlake area. Hubby is trying to find a backhoe or cat to rent today to move some of our snow - as there is no longer anywhere for it to go.

Melanie said...

Rising Rainbow-Hello!! I have been meaning to get over to your blog and say "hi!" I thoroughly enjoy your stories, and some of them are like a trip down memory lane! :) Oh, and yes, we have had terrible winds the past few nights!

PG-Too funny that you are reading it as well!! I finished it last night, and plan on buying the next one today, while I am shopping.

Denise and Reddunappy-You gals have got to try it!! It is really an extraordinary book! :)

Gail-Heeheehee...yes, imagination is a GOOD thing!!!! Stay warm over there! Please!! :)

Lisa-Oh you have to try to read this book!!! It is not really about vampires at all. One of the main characters just happens to be one. I am so bummed out by the weather!!! Is it that obvious??? LOL!!!

Andrea-Eight bucks??!!! It was $12.00 at our local Wal-Mart!!! I want to live where you live!!

Kacy-You hit the nail on the head!! Being taken out of the ordinary does tend to throw a wrench in things, doesn't it??

Chelsi-I totally get what you are saying!!! The love scenes leave so much to the imagination that I sometimes have to stop reading and dream-up what is actaully!!! I still love the book though!!

Stephanie-Ughhhh...I am sorry about all of your snow! We have about a foot of it over here, and that is just unheard of. Stay warm and read Twilight!!!

Natarojo said...

Your not alone! I am yet to read the books as well. Maybe I'll get one or two for Christmas this year...... It must feel like such a relief to have your school work out of the way! Stay warm and Happy Holidays!

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Hey you! I LMAO when I got your comment today! OMG!! I agree!!! I am glad that I am not alone there!! I told my friend that if I ever win the lotto, I am going to pay Stephanie Meyer a lot of $$ to write me a special addition of the series with SMUT!!! LOL How sad is that!!! Sad, but true! Ok...guess what!!! LOL... Stephanie Meyer started writing a companion to Twilight that was Edwards version of the book!! It was part way done when the transcipt was leaked on the internet by some loser! Stephanie was so mad (I would be furious) that she REFUSED to finish it!!!! She posted a link on her site to the transcript saying that she knew her readers would be too tempted and she didnt want us to be put in a position where we compromised our morals in order to read it so she made it available herslef. As an artist, I feel bad for her....but as a Twilight fan, I didnt hesitate for a second to read the thing!!! So, here is a link to it. I'd read it now while Twilight is still fresh in your mind. (btw- the transcript is delicious!) Oh, and yes, i am TOTALLY a groupy! lol

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Btw- feel free to e-mail me at

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I have not read Twilight yet. I love Vampire books though. My favorite has to be Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin. It is set in the 1800's on a riverboat, the Fevre Dream, on which the vampires live and visit New Orleans. They are very sophisticated and drink bottled blood, like wine.

CKirkland said...

Hi, and it's nice to meet you and read your blog while freezing my buns in 50 degree weather in Texas.

When you all finish the twilight series, Stephanie has an adult novel as well. It's called "The Host" and it has nothing to do with vampires. This one is about aliens but is still well written and will get you hooked. I have not read any of them but I have listened to all of them and the twilight set I listened to several times.

Happy New Year and DO NOT send the cold my way. (plz) It's cold enough.