Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Butterfly Kisses...or Not!!!!

So now that you all know how "normal" my life is, it is time to get back to the business of appearing perfect (just kidding) lol!!!! Not one, but two wonderful bloggers have bestowed me with the Butterfly Award, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my perfect little heart...teeheehee!!!
Seriously though, Lisa and Canadian Cowgirl passed this on to me, and I thank you both! I am sure that I am supposed to tag other people, but I think that just about all of you have been tagged already. If you haven't, then consider yourself tagged! Everyone is obviously caught up in the spirit of giving, and I think that it is wonderful! :) I love all of my bloggy friends!!! On a different note...there are a lot of negative vibes out there in blogging land, and I hope that those of you who are having a difficult time, or feeling down, realize that there are lots of us out there who care about you and support you! Hang in there and feel better soon! :)
Now I have to go back to writing my 12 page paper on the effects of divorce on children. That's a cheery topic, eh???


cdncowgirl said...

You mean you're NOT perfect??? :o

Seriously though, I've heard a lot of people talking about negativity in blogland lately. I haven't noticed a heck of a lot. Guess I've been lucky so far!
*knocking on wood*

Breathe said...

It's a tough time in the economy. lots of people are struggling. At some point the veneer cracks.

hopefully writing can help and sharing the burden lightens the load...

Stephanie said...

Hmmm negative like mean? Or like gloomy like I sometimes get down about my back and all?

I actually hope its the second option case I hate to hear about it when people are being mean. On some blogs its expected FHOTHD blog can be a rough crowd, but everyone I blog with is so incredible nice and supporting - I can't even begin to tell you how great that is.

Because I live out here in the woods its easy for me to fall into depression and not have anyone to left me up - because I hide it, because I feel like I have to. Here I can tell you guys anything and you are always there to left me back up - sometimes offer a swift kick in the ass when needed - but its always good.

I hope I too steer clear of that crowd that is negative...

Carolynn said...

Congratulations on the Award! And, if I haven't already said it, I admire all the effort and hard work you're doing going back to school.

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the award, Melanie!
I must be on another planet (so true, most of the time :) I have not heard or seen the negativity!? Are people being mean? I'm confused! I am dissapointed to hear that though, luckily I have only had positive experiences with blogging. I hope you haven't been a target! Hang in there!

Cara said...

Well, part of your life it perfect.

I keep reading about negativity and seeing some results of it in some blogs. It is mysterious to me. I hope I have never offended anyone. Maybe I am giving in to the teachings of my childhood: It's all Cara's fault!

No it's not!

Yes it is! She looked at me first!

No, I didn't!

She did, too. Then she flicked a booger at me!

No, I didn't!

She flicked it, with her snotty finger!

No. I didn't! It was a pretend booger!

Cara, stop bothering your sister.

Melanie said...

You guys are great!!! No, I have not had any personal experience with blog nastiness, but I know of a few who have...recently.

There are also a few bloggers who seem a little overwhelmed or down in the dumps lately, and I wanted to tell them to "hang in there!!"

C-ingspots said...

Oh Melanie, you are a dear soul to many of us. I, for one appreciate you very much. Kind words, funny comments, commiserating (spelling?) when I feel alone...bunches of things! So thanks again. Hmmm, negativity and hurt feelings - I too, must be either oblivious or living in my own little world or something because I haven't seen it. Being overwhelmed - now that, I can fully appreciate, but there's never any excuse for being mean. I'm sure we can all hurt each other's feelings sometimes, but mmost of us don't ever mean to. That said - mean people just suck!! Avoid them at all costs and realize that they hurt - for some reason or another and usually don't know how else to deal with their pain. Boy, I am a wordy wench, huh? I am having so much fun getting to know so many wonderful people and so far my experiences with blogging have been nothing but positive. But, we'll see - sometimes it's scary putting ourselves "out there" and exposing ourselves (figuratively of course!) to people and the world at large, but we must remain somewhat anonymous because there are kooks in this world, of course. Ok - I'll shut up now! Good luck with the paper - yikes!, what a crappy subject - but unfortunately, a most common and unfortunate one in this world. Go forth and find a cure my dear!!
ok, I mean it now - bye bye

Gail said...

We are so proud of you for going to school and doing all the other things too. It is hard. If anyone is mean to you, send 'em my way. I will kick butt!

Andrea said...

Cheery? What's not cheery about it? Whauahahahahaa!! What at topic.

Congrats on your award! And you are not perfect? Few....Good, because I was begining to think I was the only one!! LOL!! Okay, I had like, 0 sleep last night. Ugh...

Have fun writting your paper, hope it's finished soon!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

HI, that's a tough assignment, 10 pages!!

I have to write over 5 pages for my Sociology class that's due on Monday. I chose to write about Blogging!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

12 pages (is that front and back?) on effects of divorce on children??? gah! Do you pull out each individual hair out of your head while doing this, Melanie??

I admire you, my friend. I totally do. I can't wait to cheer for you when you've reached your goals. In fact, I think you'll deserve a party and ahuge girl's night out!
Let's plan for it now! :)

Congrats on the award, too. I love your blog, bot most importantly, I love how you flutter to everyone's blog, especially mine, and just sprinkle your sparkling good cheer and laughter and leave behind happiness where ever you go :)

Love ya!
New Mexico