Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Snow....

This past weekend we went up to Pyramid Pass ( elevation 4880 feet) for a snow-themed birthday party. There were quite a few of us, and we were all more than a little worried that we would not find any snow, as the snow level has yet to have dropped over here (very unusual). The plan was to meet at the birthday boy's house around 9:00 for donuts, coffee, and presents, and then to head up until we hopefully found snow...something that is not usually difficult to find this time of year!
The large caravan of pick-up trucks and jeeps, which contained our group, headed out into the rain and wind, and it wasn't until we reached the top of the pass, that it suddenly started snowing...thank goodness!!! Once it started however, it transformed the evergreen forest into a winter wonderland in about one hour. The kids all had a blast sledding and playing in the woods, while the grown-ups stood around the fire in an attempt to stay warm. The wind was blowing from all directions up there, and if you were not right up next to the fire, you were cold, wet, and miserable...unless you were a!!! Below are some of the guys standing around the fire. Amy (the birthday boy's mother), is one of those crafty and clever people who brought a giant propane stove, hot chocolate (with peppermint schnapps in it for the adults!!), a big pot of homemade chili, and hot dogs. Needless to say, we were all well fed!! To give you an idea of just how much snow we don't have over here right now, the area we drove up to is usually closed to vehicles and designated as a snow park only this time of year. The friends that we went with are also all snowmobiler's, and they said that by now the snow is usually higher than the tress in the pictures (about 12-20 feet)!!! Craziness, huh???
Above is a picture of Eric right after he crashed on his sled. It must be nice to sled in only five inches of snow and not be bothered by all of the lumps and bumps on the!!! Below we have Miss Katie coming down the hill with the birthday boy. She was all smiles that day... ...Until it was time to go home and she turned into my child!!!
Drive daddy, drive (below)!!!! Did you notice that Katie and I are surrounded by camouflage inside the truck??? First you had daddy in his camo; then there was Eric in his; and finally there were/are the camo seat covers, that are there to protect the leather from the kidlets! Thankfully the heat from the heated seats penetrates the seat covers too, because I think that we all had cold, wet bums, on the way down!!! All in all it was a fun day, and we can't wait for more snow to fall soon. I should mention here that I love the snow, but I detest being cold. I am fine being out in it unless I get cold and wet, and when that happens, watch out!!! I resemble Katie in the above!!!!
I only have three more papers and three finals until I am on Christmas break, and I am so excited!!! I can see the light at the end of the fall semester tunnel. I also need to do a meme (tagged by Canadian Cowgirl!) and post a picture of all of our barn boots for Miss Lisa.
Hope you all have a happy Monday!!


Cara said...

That looks like real fun! For the kids. I too can do without being cold. I have metal in my back and it really bugs me in the cold. I am getting more metal in January. Don't tell Mother, her feelings will be hurt because I didn't tell her.

That hot chocolate and chili must have tasted so good!

Snow is a very long drive for us, but the boy scout troop goes on a ski trip and a snow camping trip every year. Parents are welcome to come, but they don't have to.

Carolynn said...

Hmmmm....not my idea of a party, I gotta tell ya'. Keep me warm or suffer the consequences. :o)

cdncowgirl said...

That looks like such fun!

We haven't had as much snow as usual either. In fact it was just last week that we got any snow that lasted. It's only a few inches deep right now... actually seems kinda sad.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like everyone had a great time, even if you were cold. I love the snow too, but only on a crisp sunny day. I don't think anyone likes to be wet and cold. Glad you're almost to your Christmas break. Enjoy it and the holidays.

Pony Girl said...

That looked like a fun day, Melanie! Like you, I LOVE snow and crave snow days like I'm a little kid, but hate being oold! Why is it that kids are never cold? Even on a non-snowy day, the kids at my school are alwaye peeling off their jackets, even when their breath is showing.
I wish you well on your last few finals and papers...I feel your pain. But I'm so proud of you!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've never considered having a snowy birthday party like that. What a fabulous idea!!
My twins' birthdays are in early Feb. and Jenna's birthday is in early March...when is whn we often get snow up here in the mountains.

They would probably love driving up to Sandia Snow park, about 20 mins away and spending time with their friends sledding and playing. What a blast!

And I could be the provider of the all the yummy food and especially the hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps! (I'm embarassed to admit that I've never even tried it before. lol) Sounds yummy and fun!

Thanks for sharing all the activities and photos from the snow party, Melanie.

And good luck finishing up those 3 papers and 3 finals, too. I hope your weather stays good so you can fit in some more riding after all your hard school work is done. :)

New Mexico

Fantastyk Voyager said...

All that snow! Looks like great fun.

"I only have three more papers and three finals until I am on Christmas break, and I am so excited!!! I can see the light at the end of the fall semester tunnel. I also need to do a meme (tagged by Canadian Cowgirl!) and post a picture of all of our barn boots for Miss Lisa."

Dittos for me except I only have one report and one final. I too have that same meme and boots to post. :)

Natarojo said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I love the snow as well. The snow line is yet to drop on the mountains around here as well. I hope it comes soon.... we had some ugly slushy rain here yesterday. Maybe snow by the end of the week?

Stephanie said...


As a kid I used to ski - and as a couple me and hubby used to snowmobile, competitively, we were into hill climbing - and that made winter fun. I too would look forward to the snow then and pout if we were cheated out of a month of fun by late snow.

But we've haven't been able to afford to do that for years. Snowmobiles that were once top of the line modified hill climbers now rest in the garage in disrepair.

And so now snow just sucks - its cold, we have to plow it, and sovel it, you can't work outside in your garden, or spend long hours riding into the sunset, roads are deadly dangerous, roofs need to be shoveled off, horse trailer needs to be shoveled off and shoveled out, its freakin cold, and quiet.

I would like to move to the desert - really I could give up the wonder summers up here for avoiding the winters...

Glad you had a fun time though - a fire and some adult beverages always seem to help my coping abilities with the cold and snow.

So now snow

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Sounds like an absolute blast! Your snow pics are so pretty and I like the sled crash:-) I remember those lumps and bumps in 5 inches of snow- who cared?!
When we lived in MA back in the mid 80's we had the BEST hill ever to sled on just right behind our house! Well course our parents planted unfun pine trees behind ours, but not the neighbor:-) so we sled behind their house technically... I really miss the snow some days.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Melanie, the first thing I thought when I read your post, was, "Wow! Look how much fun they are having!" The next thought was- "Thank God we do NOT have snow HERE."

Thirty plus years in snow up over my waist (and I have some LONG legs...) was too much. But it sure is great to see other folks out having fun in it and sharing pics! ;)