Friday, December 5, 2008

All I Want For Christmas... favorite time of the year!!!! While I totally love the holidays, I never know what to say (as some of you have posted about too!) when people ask me what I want. I can never come up with any ideas. Zip, zilch,!!! This year however, I know exactly what I want (and it is only one thing you guys!!!), so all of my family member's who silently read my blog, pay attention!!!!
Are you ready to see what it is??? Are you sure???? Just checking!!!!
Here you go....
...And guess what?? He is located in Eastern Washington, and if you hurry, you can make it over the pass before the snow hits...teeheehee!!!

How could you not love this horse??!! He is absolutely gorgeous and he seems to have a great mind/heart as well. I think that he would fit in with my family quite nicely, don't you???? What's that you said??? He's not an Arab? I think that I could overlook that just this!!!Anywho...he's it!!! He is what I want to see under the tree (or out in the barn!) on Christmas morning. Pony Girl's family did it for her, so it is possible to do, and I am sure that I could put you all in touch with her family if you would like to work out the logistics...teeheehee!!! (Just joking!!!)

PS- Thanks for letting me do this Stephanie...I owe you one!!!!


allhorsestuff said...

Oh my..nice mover. Do you ride that dicipline?
He looks very much like Shadest, I thought!
I Pray You get what Your heart desires Mellie!!!

Melanie said...

Allhorse-I have literally ridden every disciplince except for saddleseat/park type!!!

Right now I mostly trail ride, but when I am done with school and we have an extra income again (and the time!), I plan on getting back in to the show arena, or at least some type of competitive riding, like working cattle or trail challenges. :)

Andrea said...

He is a cutie! I would love a finished show horse too!! It has always been my dream. But somehow I always end up with babies, and then I work my butt of breaking them and then when I get them going well, I sell them. Somehow, that is not fair. One of these days I will have to keep one for myself.

He would be a nice addition to your barn. But Bo might bet jealous!!

Natarojo said...

oooo how cute he is! Does he have a brother that can end up under my tree (or out in my barn) for Christmas? tee hee!

JJ said...

He is a gorgeous horse and a great mover...I hope you end up with him under your tree!

Paige said...

He is very handsome--good luck!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

If wishes were horses, huh? He's a beauty. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.;)

Oh, and by the are welcome to come vent on my blog any time you feel like it!! I have strong opinions and I like other people with strong opinions too. Conviction is a trait that should be prized.

cdncowgirl said...

LOL You're not the only one that would like to call Stretch hers!
If only he was a barrel horse instead of a show horse... I'd have to seriously consider making Steph an offer.
(maybe that's a good thing, I have a feelin' he's worth quite a bit of $$)

Gail said...

I'll talk to Santa.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

he's lovely indeed!
Get that Santa letter written ASAP!!

Melanie said...

Thanks for all of your well wishes, you guys, but I seriously doubt that I will be seeing Stretch in my barn. If I were only done with school....

Andrea-LOL!!! Yes, Bo would probably be bent out shape a bit, but Stretch would be used as a youth horse too, so I would still get plenty of miles on Bo!
I would definitely ride/show him too though...he would be a true "family" horse.

Stephanie said...

You nut! How funny! LOL!!

At first I was watching the picture load and all I could see was me, so I was like, boy I hope its Stretch and not me that she wants...cause that might be a bit awkward. He he he...

I'm very flattered he's a very special horse and I will be very disappointed if he doesn't end up with a home that has kids - cause he loves loves loves kids. At the shows if there some little girl running around he will lock his ears on her and they will follow her around all weekend.

I'll give Stretch a little pet for you next time I see him and let him know that it's okay that he's not an Arabian that you all love him anyway!

AND CDN - he could, if someone would let him, he would love to run the barrels. I remember sitting on him and watching him this summer as his lips quivered and ears couldn't be more pitched towards Shelby running barrels on her horse.

Stretch: "I can do it mom, I know I can,"

Steph: "I know you could hun - but we got other things to practice"

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love Stretch, too. I love his WP's slow and easy, the way I like it. lol! (Gotcha Mel!)
Someday, I'll learn to love a good canter or gallop.....

Maybe you and I can go in halfies on Stretch! My kids and your kids would fulfill his kid-love and we could enter all kinds of competitions (I love those trail trials myself). What fun!!

Oh, but my heart is still with BoBo, too.

Either way, I hope this Christmas brings to you all your desires and wishes, my friend :)

PS: Sorry for being away for so long. This ABC Challenge has been taking up alot of my computer time. Only 12 more letters to go........gah!

New Mexico

Pony Girl said...

Oh goodness! What a nice horse Stretch is! I love that chrome!! Yes Mel, dreams come true! It's all in the timing, sometimes. Funny thing though, I started freaking out once My Boy's papers were in my hands. I mean, I wanted him so bad...but then it became so REAL- that I was a horse owner again, for better or worse, LOL!
I do think your little fuzzy Bo Bo would be a bit jealous, though! ;)
I hope you are enjoying the weekend and escaped some rain!

Melanie said...

Oh halfies would work out just fine!! Is there a plot of land available between, or by, you and Val??? LOL!!! Remeber though, I saw him first...teeheehee!!!

I am crack me up!!!!! I will second your comment that he could make a barrel horse, because I have seen the calmest of horses come undone and have a great time running those!!!

Heidi said...

He's got such a sweet face! We all deserve a good horse to love!