Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday dad!!! You guys probably wonder why I always use wedding pics to show my family, and let me be the first to say that it is NOT because I looked so darn!!! Well...maybe a little!!!
All joking aside, it's because I don't really have that many pics of him. He was always working or in school (sounds familiar doesn't it??), so he missed a lot of photo opportunities with us.
However, he has always been there for his family and supported each of his children...and he makes a darn good "papa" too!
I love ya man!!!!!
We are all headed over to your house for dinner in about twenty minutes. See you soon!!!


Gail said...

Happy Birthday from Arkansas. You throw good pups!

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL at Gail's comment! I agree! Dashing man, your father is! Happy Birthday.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!

And I love that you post wedding picutres!! I love your dress!!

allhorsestuff said...

Mellie, your father is a golden man, I can tell'cause you are soo sparkling yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you POPS! We love your daughter that ya raised!!MANY MANY MORE, Cheers!
Hope that drive was safe..did you escape the White winter wonderland weather there???

jesterjigger said...

Happy birthday to your dad! And you looked beautiful at your wedding. I just wanted to give you a heads up, I'm going to come steal Sienna. I just thought you should know. Sophie likes Cheez-its, but not Scooby Snacks (the fruit snack kind).

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Happy belated b-day to your dad.
You look fab' in your wedding gown!

Pony Girl said...

Sweet tribute to your papa! :)
What'd you guys have for his bday dinner??
It was fun to see you walking down the isle!

Melanie said...

To all-
Thanks! I think he is pretty swell!!!

PG-We had three kinds of lasagna (meat, sausage, and vegetarian), cesear salad, artisan bread, and cake! Oh and I forgot to mention the!!! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday Melanie's Dad!!!

New Mexico

ps, my word verification today is 'tryplet'. Hmmmm.....