Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More About Me...The Winter Version

I have once again found myself tagged (thank you Canadian Cowgirl!!!) and have decided to give it a little winter or Christmas-like twist; similar to the new tag I have seen on a couple of blogs lately.
Here goes...

1) As I have mentioned before, I love the snow, but I hate being cold. To me, there is nothing worse than being cold (am I being overly dramatic???) because it hurts... it makes my joints and bones ache (insert more!!!).

2) I never believed in Santa Claus as a child. NEVER!!! That is why I am so happy that my kidlets do. There is something to be said about innocence that is not lost too early.

3) I have not bought one Christmas present yet, and I am starting to freak out about it! I just have not had the time to devote to shopping yet. Next week I will be able to start shopping, but until then, I will have momentary panic that surfaces every now and then about!!!

4) Even though we live in the PNW, we have a fake Christmas tree. (I can hear you all gasping through my computer screen!!!) It is just easier to have a fake tree when we have a wood stove, and it is also less expensive. I think that I paid around $180 for our fake tree (four years ago) and we used to spend about $100 each year on a real tree. Are Christmas trees expensive where you live too?

5) I love every thing about Christmas (food, gifts, family), but I think that seeing other people happy with their gifts, makes me happier than getting gifts of my own.

6) Oh my gosh!!! I can't think of one more thing right now, and seeing as how I should be--you guessed it!!--working on yet another paper, I think I will!!!

PS-anyone who wants to play along can! :)


C-ingspots said...

Hi there lady, just thought I'd bee-bop on over here and say hello! I've been a bit busy this week and haven't had much time for reading/writing but happy for you and your Christmas break coming up - good for you!! I hope you find some time to relax - and don't worry about the shopping, it'll happen. Your snow pics were beautiful. Last year at this time, they were exclaiming at all the extra snow we had in the mountains, but this year - quite a different story. I never worry, it always seems to work out in the wash! You have a fake tree!!?? You usually paid $100 per tree?? WTH?? I just got our tree today - a 6-7 foot noble at a local garden store for $35 and I thought that was expensive!! Maybe I should count my blessings, but I've been seeing Doug firs everywhere for $10-$12. Nobles always are more, but anyway I wanted a noble this year. So, anyway...I'm rambling because I have a terrible headache and I've been doing the business Christmas cards all flipping day and I could just croak!! *sigh* I just want to go home and get out in some fresh air. Sorry, I'm venting. Hugs to you my little friend!! Will talk again soon...

Gail said...

I have an artifical tree too. Doesn't hurt a bit! I have cleaned up too many dried stickery needles in the past years.
When we HAD live trees, we cut our own At The Farm. There will be a few tucked away every year that the bush hog does not run over.
If I am hurting for the smell of fresh cedar, I cut a few limbs and weave them around the ceiling fixture. The lights warm them and the smell goes everywhere.
I dislike the cold too...that is what my blog was about tonight.
Don't panic, you have plenty of time.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

I didnt realize that you were in the PNW!! We are practically neighbors then! I love the snow too! We have not had any yet this year. It makes me want to huddle up inside all nice and warm with goodies...which I love, but is not such a good thing for my waistline! LOL I gain weight every winter!!! I feel bad that you didnt get to experience the excitment of santa as a child but am happy to hear that your kids get is just sooooo much fun! "Santa" once came and visited my home and left tracks from his sleigh and reindeer on the snow outside of my house! I remember being beside myself with excitment when I "found" the tracks in the morning.

Andrea said...

Holy smokes, 100 bucks!! that is crazy!! We just paid 32 for our 8 foot tree.

I like snow too, as long as I am not cold, but normally I am cold in snow, so I guess, it's a love hate relationship!!

Hope your paper goes well! Your teachers so must like to read! They seem to be haveing you write a lot of papers!!

Melanie said...

Christmas trees, like everything else around here, are outrageosly priced!!!

You can buy a mediocre one, that is about 4-5 feet tall, for around $50-75, but once you get over 5feet high the price sky rockets.

Insane amount for a dead tree, isn't it?

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! $100!! That's what they get for Christmas Trees on your side of the mountains?? Holy Smokes - I ought to go cut a truck load of the them and drive the pass to sell them for $75 - even with the gas I would make a fortune!

We could walk out into our own woods and cut one for free any year - but if you want one that's been shaped and grown for the purpose of being a Christmas Tree you can cut your own any day of the week for $20. Go to a store and buy a "pre-cut" one and your looking at $50 tops over here. Of you could by a pre-cut one from the local Boy Scout Troop for $25.

Craziness just runs rapid over there I swear! (no offense intended I promise!) you guys are like a family that's been transplanted from the East side. You are down to earth, level minded and think logically. Do you ever feel surrounded over there? You guys would fit in so well over here...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great idea! I always love reading about what you think about things.

1) I love the snow, too, but hate being cold. I agree about it hurting, too. So, lets just sit inside when it's snowing and drink hot cocoa laced with peppermint schnapps, k?

2) There truly is something to be said about innocence that is not lost too early. My oldest are 11 and they still believe and I encourage that for as long as I can. :)

3) I have not bought one Christmas present yet, either. I haven't even sent out Christmas cards. I'm not going to stress about it, though...and you shouldn't either.
Let's just drink that spiked cocoa and go with the flow, eh?

4) We have a fake Christmas tree, too. And it's not even up yet! lol!
It really is just easier to have a fake tree when I keep forgetting to water it and then someone bumps into and all the needles fall off (yep, it's happened)
Real trees, at least 6' tall, run between $50-100. I can't see paying that much for a dead tree either.

5) I love giving gifts much better than anything else, too. But I also love to see how well people really know me by what gifts are chosen for me.

Hey! Guess what? I've got a little goodie for you over at my blog.....on my "S" post.

Love ya!
New Mexico

jesterjigger said...

I hate being cold too. The birthday in the snow looks like fun! I can't wait for it to snow here, I got skis last year (my first set ever) and only got to use them a couple of times, and won't be using them much when we move to Florida. It keeps raining though, blech.

Have you put your tree up yet?

Melanie said...

Jesterjigger-Yes, our tree is up!How about you?
Skiing is a lot of fun, but I have not gone skiing in over 15 years. maybe one day...

Melanie said...

Cingspots- A 6-7 foot noble up here would run about $125-150!! Isn't that insane???

Breathe said...

Our tree was $139. We always get a real tree because I was traumatized as a child by a lifetime of artificial trees that looked like... well, artificial trees.

We also get really tall trees - 10 footers - because we have a two story living room.

I have done zero Christmas shopping. The panic is palpable. I'm going to post six holiday meme - but later. YIKES! IT'S MIDNIGHT!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

I also LOVE the snow but hate the cold, especially WIND!

I've got a couple presents but I'm only going to get a few more. We're having a very light Christmas this year, I'm starting to get anxiety attacks about finding work and needing money...