Monday, December 22, 2008


Have I said that I am sick of the snow yet??? Well I am !!! The main reason I wish it would go away, is so my husband can come home. He is still working midnight to noon, and he is going on two weeks of it. And it looks like he will be on this schedule over Christmas, which really sucks! Anyway, the kids were asking why I hadn't put any pictures of the snow up yet (Hmmmm...maybe because I wish it would go away???) and I figured that I better oblige. On a good note, I finished my Christmas shopping today... thanks to all of the help I have had from my parents, Auntie Mary, and Marilyn. I could not have gotten it done without you guys watching my kidlets for me, so thank you!!!!
So, are you ready for a brief run down of our life the last week??? Here goes....
Above is a picture of Jinx in the snow. I took it last Monday, and if he were to sit in that exact spot today, it would be about as high as he is. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating a would be up to his shoulders!! Below is a picture of Waska in the snow. Yes, I said the!!! Did I mention that we have had snow around here lately??? (insert sarcasm)Oh look! He is as sick of it as I am. He is running over to tell about it right now.
Below we have Bo Bo eating his yummy orchard grass from Wenatchee. He had just finished racing around like a lulu, and his blankies were a little disheveled. Katie and I fixed them shortly after this picture was taken. In the snow. Did I tell you about the snow yet??? LOL!!!
Ah...what do we have here??? Aliens perhaps?? Nope, just two little rednecks being pulled on their sleds behind a quad. In. The. Snow.
Here they are again after they took a tumble. Not so scary looking now, are they??? They kind of look like snowmen rolling around. In the snow!!!!
Not to be outdone by the boys, here is Katie. On a sled. In the snow...teeheehee!!! ( I think that I am slowly cheering myself up!)
Yes folks, this is what we hillbillies do for fun when it snows outside. We pull kid's around on sleds behind ATV's. Please don't try this at home!!! Unless of course, there is lot's of!!!!
And last but not least, we have Sienna the SNOW pony. She thinks that I am pretty pathetic too. She told me that she has never seen me so crabby about the weather in all of the 16 years she has known!!! Oh, and before you go and feel all sorry for her, because she doesn't have her blankie on, just know that she has one, and that she escapes from it in about one hour...always has!!! She is like a blanket Houdini!!
Anyway...sorry to be so boring, but I am wallowing in self pity right now. Not to worry though!!! I will be back to my old self once this SNOW leaves, and my husband comes back!!!
Have a great Monday you guys!!!


Reddunappy said...

Silly kids snow pictures, dont they get enough outside LOL, no realy great pics! I am so ready for it to stop! I know you are in WA too, may I ask where? I am in Washougal.

allhorsestuff said... it snowing were you are yet???!!!!Yuk yuk!

Your little blanket Houdini is adorable Mellie. Yea, us neighbors around have been thinkin' that we'd be spending Christmas togteher..may not be going anywhere anytime-soon.
Lovely pics and that dog mad me lauhg sooo hard!
Most of the animals I know are looking like he looks like he thinks about it....did that make it through?
He is with you nayheck with his distain.
My husband is working overnight too...and who knows...Christmas widows. Hope not! Bless thier hearts!

Natarojo said...

I love the pictures! The kids sure look like they are having a blast! We did the same thing at the barn yesterday, but we had the Kubota yard tractor towing us around! (Well, I drove, I towed my sister and her friend. They kept face planting, so I had to show them how it was done!)

I hope your husband is able to come home soon. It sucks to not have the whole family for Christmas. My dad wont be with us this year, working the day shift at the airport. He leaves by 7:30am and isn't home until 9:30. And I'll be out of town by the time he gets home to go see Terry's parents for Christmas.

Gail said...

Heard it may snow!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Even this Minnesota girl is sick of the snow here in the NW!!! It's pathetic how terrible the roads are here. Hasn't anyone heard of plows? I am so ready for some warmer temps and the snow melting!!!!!!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I want to play in the snow! :-) I want to be pulled behind an ATV too! Looks like fun, but it does look cold. How does Sienna get out of her blankets? lol

Stephanie said...

I'm with Heidi -

And if you guys want I could give you half our snow. That would be fair wouldn't it? Westside gets 2ft and we get 2ft. That sounds way more fair than you guys get a foot and we get 4ft.

Yes on the subject of plows - I have never in all my life seen the roads so bad in Spokane for so long, you'd think last year would've taught them a lesson, but nooooo. What streets are plowed are not plowed to allow the same capacity of traffic - most four lane streets are two (one either direction). Six lanes down to four and etc... Which sucks because Spokane streets were barely handling the traffic before - now they just clog up and take hours to unclog. And it's been like this since sine last Wednesday night. Most two wheel drive cars still can't make it across town - STILL, AFTER A WEEK. We live in Washington NOT Alaska - Spokane needs to get its *#!! together an clean up its streets.

Sorry about that I am done now....

It's bad - bad, bad, bad...

Train Wreck said...

Oh I hope Your hubby can come home soon! I wouldn't like that either. I hate when my fella has to work out of town! I love you little pony! She is adorable. Your little aliens! hahaha! We do that here too.
LL is going to spit his coffee on me I think! hahaha! Oh well that's what you get for trying to pull oneover on me! hahahaha!Tell me "when you least expect it" will ya! he he!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure I understand...

Do you all have snow there?


I loved all the kids and sleds photos. What a blast!
I dislike the whole kids in snow business, I must confess. The time it takes to bundle everyone up, just so they spend a 1/2 hour in the snow and then come inside dripping and mopping wet to unbundle everyone, hangin up said dripping moppy wet clothes, and somehow unthaw frozen fingers and toes and make hot cocoa and snakcs for exhausting and just not my cup of tea....
which reminds me, a cup fo tea sounds great about now!

I also loved all the snowy pony photos. Everyone looks so frosty and sugar coated. Yummmy....
Which reminds me, I think I'll have a sugary chocolate crinkle cookie right now.

Oh, did I mention that it's snowing here......actually snowing and blowing like wild horses.

I love a White Christmas, but this is nuts! :)

New Mexico

Andrea said...

Snow and horses and Snow, OH MY!! You sure have gotten a lot of that white stuff!!

Your horses do look nice and warm. And I used to love to be pulled behind a four wheeler with a sled. We used to do it in college all the time. Oh the good times! I love being a bit on the redneck side. They sure do know how to have a good time!!

And I hope your husband comes back soon and the snow goes away!! Snow is fun for a short little while, but it does get a bit old. We had it here for one day, and then the next day it was 70 degrees. That is my kind of winter!!

Merry Christmas!!

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

All of your snow pictures look so cozy!! Everyone having fun and all warm and cheery!

Merry Christmas, Melanie. Many blessings to you and yours.

PS- hows that book?

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Hey again...
You little cheater!!! I cant believe you went to the end! LMAO Funny girl, that is all part of the fun! I have to admit that though I NEVER read the last page of a book, I was tempted too with this one!!

Ok... so when I finished the whole series, I went back and read New Moon over again. I later found out that the author actually recommends that her readers do so because when you read it for the first time, you cant help but want to read it as quickly as possible to get to the end and find out what happens. Once you have that out of your system, if you go back and read it without that pull, (think of it as a book on its own aside from the series)it is actually a really really neat, well written and emotional book. It is hopeless to try to apprecaite that or the Jacob/Bella thing and the love there until you get "where is he?" out of your head. The next book was my favorite by far. Hope you get it for Christmas!

Carolynn said...

Jinx doesn't look too impressed in that photo...

Funny how kids can find fun in some of the most unlikely circumstances. I say, Good for them! Let them get out there and enjoy the snow. I'll sit and watch from inside beside the fire with a hot cup of tea. :o)

Sienna is lovely. She has such a furry coat right now, she probably doesn't need a human style one. She's obviously of the same opinion.