Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!!! has been scorching here the last few weeks!!! Before you all roll your eyes and call me a wimp, just know that I do like the heat, but I definitely do not like the humidity that comes along with it over here.

(The top number on our temperature thingy is the temp outside, and the second number is the temp in the house)

Eastern WA is known to have high summer temps, but Western WA usually doesn't. Well, we consider 80-85 degrees high, but when you live in the land of green-fir trees, ferns, and various "wet" plants-that is high.

If it weren't so damn humid, I might be able to enjoy it a little bit more...oh, and it would be nice if it cooled off at night too.
(Now that everything is so dry, our fire danger is considered to be as high as Eastern WA's)Because it usually never gets over 85 degrees, and because it usually cools down to 50-60 degrees at night, most homes in Western WA don't have air conditioning either. This past week, the average nightly temperature has been 78-82 degrees, and that makes it really difficult to get a good nights sleep-that damn humidity doesn't help either!
Thankfully, we have a small unit that cools our bedroom off, so we have pulled the kidlets
mattresses into our room, and we all sleep together.
Needless to say, we have spent many hours in our little pool, but when the sun is beating down at you -and it is 108 degrees-even the pool feels hot. The plus side of all this sunshine, and hours spent in the pool???? We are all turning a nice brown color, and I may not need to have my hair foiled, as it is lightening up in the sun.
Stay cool, and have fun!!!
PS-For those of you who read my last post, please read Chelsi's great comeback!!!!! I guess I am not crazy after!!!


Gail said...

My kingdom for a pool!

lytha said...

HHHAHAHAHHAH i loved your post! we just escaped to the beach in oregon and THANK GOD the temps are better here.

i just cracked up at your photos of your thermometers cuz i did the exact same thing yesterday, walking around house and yard and attic, where we sleep, with a thermometer kind of like yours.

taking pics of it as i went and the temp changed.

well, it is so awesome to be here with you all in the great PNW, experiencing record breaking temps.

and it was amazing today for us after being holed up for two days, to drive to the coast in oregon, and watch the car's temp readout drop drop drop until it hit...

get this..


i instantly yelled SIXTYNINE and opened all the windows to the car, and we stuck our arms out and shouted in joy.

crazy washingtonians, the oregon people thought.

now let me see. i am sitting next to my man,we are both on our laptops in our hotel on the beach, and out the balcony is a pacific ocean raging, honestly raging at us. my man's first comment was " could you please turn the ocean down?"hehehhehe the 10 foot waves are SO loud. but as i gaze over the top of this monitor, i see no people at all, just sand, sand, sand, wet sand, and then wave after wave crashing together making white noise. a surfer's paradise who loves ice cold water! hehee

well on our deck is a tiny bbq with our contribution to our beach party dinner: corn on the cob. and my uncle was fishing all day in garibaldi and caught 48 big crabs, so we are gonna feast on them tonight.

in 68 degrees. YAAAAAAAAAAAH!

p.s. not to gloat, though, your pool looks very nice!

allhorsestuff said...

Yea..whewee is all I can say get me and the mare back tom the water and sooon!
Kiddie pools are great idea...even for adults!

Stephanie said...

I think about you guys every time I they report the weather on the west side. Ours is a dry heat too - so I would guess the humidity is real bad too over there? I feel for you guys most people I know over there do not have air conditioning....

Stephanie said...

PS thanks for checking up on me blogger buddy! Still am not finding tons of time - trying.....

May not get caught up with everything I've missed - so I am starting fresh.

Andrea said...

My sister lives up in WA and she has been telling me how incredibly hot it is up there. How crazy. I could never live with out an A/C. Our pool water is always super warm. We actually get out of the water to cool off a bit and then we get back in. I hope it's a bit cooler their today.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I am so with you! We've had the same crazy heat wave and have broken all the records here. The humidity makes a HUGE difference.... we get a humidex that tells us that yesterday it was 102 but with the humidity it felt like 108. Like you said, we just are not prepared for it up here like people down south are. I've been in Vegas during temps like this and there is no comparison for how the humidity just drags you down. We too are keeping cool with the pool but it is too hot at the hottest part of the day to be in the sun. We also just have the one a/c unit in our bedroom so have been hiding out in there. I guess there was a mass shortage of a/c units available, all the stores were totally sold out!! I feel SOOOO bad for the poor seniors...makes my heart ache for them.

Take care!

Carolynn said...

Lord knows I love hot, sunny weather, but I have to admit, this has even been a bit too much for me. Thankfully, the house cooled down a bit last night and we're hoping for more of that tonite. My animals are really suffering with their fur coats on. I put Bunny on the balcony over night and he seems to be enjoying it out there.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Boy oh boy do I feel for you guys suffering your unusual heat.

We are on the opposite end of the spectrum. So far, this summer has been the 5th coolest on the record books for this area.

Very strange! But oh so wonderful!

Melanie said...

To all-Thanks for your sympathetic ears. :)
It has begun to slowly cool off, and today it is only 92 degrees out there. It also is cooling off at night, so the house isn't 95 degrees when we wake up in the's more like!!!

oregonsunshine said...

Oooh! We got to see 112 degrees here! And that was in the shade with 27% humidity! No idea what that translates to heat wise in actuality. It was so yucky! And we had to finish cleaning the old house in that heat!

I am glad it's decided to cool back off again. 10 days being in triple digits was just too much!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes! I don't think it has ever gotten in the triple digits in our mountains. And we have almost no humidity...which makes it much more bearable, but makes swimming rather uncomfortable (which is why pools aren't not as common in New Mexico) You see, it is so dry here that when you get out of a pool, the moisture is wicked away so quickly that it chills you. Brrr!

I do miss swimming, though. When we lived in South Carolina we lived in the pool, of course we had to deal with what you're dealing with, too. With all that swampy heat, the pool was hot, too, and didn't do much to cool us off. lol!

Well, at least you do have your bedroom A/C to keep you cool at night. I have to be cold at night to sleep, too. Thankfully, our temps drop down into the low 50's at night and we just keep our windows open for the cool breezes.

I hope your heat wave goes away soon.