Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Beach and Horse Update

Hello! I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far...I know that I am!!!! We've all been pretty busy, and have been taking advantage of the wonderful weather that we have been having lately.

It has been in the mid/upper 90's-which is unusual-so we have been heading out in search of cooler areas. The other day, we all went to one of our favorite beaches on the sound, but were surprised to find that the tides were really high-even low tide.

Usually there is a huge beach to play on and several rocks and/or tidal pools to search for sea creatures in, but not that day. Oh well...the upside was that the water was only up to our waists about 400+ feet off the shore, and their appeared to be no riptide to sweep unsuspecting kidlets off of their feet.

(Below is a picture of Amber's little Chihuahua as he swam towards me)
The water was filled with seaweed-I love to eat seaweed, but not when it comes from this water!-and lots of other debris towards the shore. It's really quite sad when you think about how polluted the sound has become. A place that was once sacred and pristine is now filthy and uncared for.There were also several jellyfish-there always are-and below is a small one that was floating by my leg...
I was really hoping to take some nice pictures of the area that we were in, but it is heavily populated, and there really wasn't much to look at. Last year though, we saw a wayward humpback whale out near where this tugboat was, and that was a really neat experience.And what would a trip to the beach be without burying the kidlets in the sand???LOL!!!
On the horse front.....Waska appears to have bruised his coffin bone, and may be out of commission for one to two months. He has foundered before, so it was not a difficult thing for him to do.....

This means that unless I can find another horse to ride-or unless he gets better quickly-I do not have a horse to ride, as Amber will ride Bo instead of me. The farrier feels really bad about the whole thing, and does have a couple of clients who want to lease their horses out for the summer.
One is a $100,000 Warmblood that has a tendency to rear up and flip over when he is stressed out-no thanks!!!!-and the other horse is an Arab gelding that is used for endurance and trail riding. His owner broke her wrist and cannot ride him, and she is hoping to find someone to come out and ride him for her.

She lives about 35-40 minutes away, but the farrier thinks that she may let him come to Amber's house. I am just waiting for him to get back to me with the number, so I can call and see if it is something that she would be up for; otherwise it may be a long summer filled with no riding for me. :(

Oh well..things always happen for a reason, and have a way of working themselves out, right? Still...


Gail said...

Aren't those the poison jelly fish they always tell about???

Water is water when it is hot weather. Looks like everyone is having a good time, even the dog.

If you were closer, you could ride some of my horses.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

First question that comes to my mind is "how did she break her wrist"? Horse injury? From that horse? hmmm...
Maybe you'd want to ride my mare the rest of the summer? I wish I could just ship her up there. It probably wouldn't be as much fun for you dealing with my grouchy, lazy, stubborn mare, but I bet you could get her back into shape and give her an attitude adjustment, too.sigh. Why are most blog friends so far away?

Sorry about poor Waska. I know how painful bone bruises can be. I hope he heals quickly and doesn't have any long term effects either.

The water fun looks great. I do miss the ocean sometimes living in a landlocked state. Playing in the sand sure looked like fun, too.


Paige said...

I am not a fan of the jellyfish--reminds me of summers in Panama City. Nasty animals

If you were still near here, I would offer you a selection to choose from--I hope you find something to ride

Paint Girl said...

Sorry to hear about Waska. That would be terrible if you couldn't ride all summer! Hopefully that Arab will work out. Win-win for you both. If you lived closer to me, I'd just put you on Fritzy and we'd hit the trails!
Jelly fish are so weird. I remember as a kid being very interested in them, but not so much now.
I bet it helped cool you all off being at the water. You guys get hotter than we do. We've been in the 80's.

Carolynn said...

My first thought when you mentioned how unusually high the tide was, warming. Sad, hmmm?

I'm glad you all, including the pooch, got to enjoy a refreshing dip in the water.

It is sad when I see the water looking so dirty around here. I always wonder how the fish manage in it.

I'm sorry to hear your horse has suffered another injury. I'm sure you'll find a way to get on another horse, in the meantime, and enjoy some time in the saddle.

Melanie said...

Gail-No poisonous jellyfish near me! I believe these are called "Common" or "Moon" jellyfish. I never get close enough to one to see if it can hurt me, but I don't think that these ones pack much of a sting. :)

Lisa-LOL!!! I thought the same thing about that ladies wrist. I think she fell or something, but I will definitely find out. And I would love to ride that mare of yours! :)

Paige-Thanks for the riding offer. You guys are all so generous. :) So I take it you had a nasty encounter with a jellyfish, eh???

Paint Girl-Fritzy would be fun! We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is a minor bruise, but he has been off for a whole month now.
We do get hot down here, huh? It has something to do with the foothills....

Carolynn-I know! I feel sorry for the marine life around there. Pollution is such a nasty thing, because it starts somewhere and then trickles down to all of us.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I've always been a water baby and love to swim but never in ocean. I LOVE to boat on it but it has always freaked me out! LOL I know there is nothing super dangerous in our waters but when that sea weed touches your ankles...YIKES!! I just freak! lol

That really sucks about Waska! I'll drop you an e-mail with more. Love the pics from the beach! My sister and I used to do the same thing.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time at the sound. It is a shame that people don't care enough to keep things clean. Jelly fish - no thanks, they really hurt.
It's too bad about your horse, but maybe the Arabian gelding will work out for you. I'd stay away from the warmblood, my daughter has one (Nate) who does the same thing (rears) when he gets upset. Not for me thanks. I'll send you Sami if you want a project! We're up to our ...hmm? in projects.