Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Alright, now where did I leave off last time??? Oh yeah...Sunrise.

So after we got back from our hike, we decided to head up to an area known as Sunrise, which was about another 20 minutes up the road. The views of the mountain and its alpine meadows were fabulous up there, but unfortunately, it was so bright that a lot of my pictures didn't turn out-too much glare off of the mountain snow.
You can read about Sunrise by clicking on the link above, but just so you know, it has an elevation of 6400 feet-the mountain is 14,410 feet high.
Do you see the foothill near the bottom left of the above picture? Do you also see the milky colored ice/glacier that looks like it is running into it? That is Emmon's Glacier, and it is also where we were on our hike. Pretty cool, huh?
When you are up that high, you can also see Mt. Adams to the south (below) and I think that you are also able to see Mt. Saint Helens, but I am not sure, as we couldn't see it. This is one of the alpine lakes up there, and the color is just breathtaking. There is a three mile hike that takes you down to it, but Kevin gave me a look when I mentioned!!!!
And here is one of the alpine meadows. Do you see all of the blue? Those are flowers, and intermingled in all of them are bright orange, white, and red ones too.
What do we have here??? Some rare type of mountain momma and her son?? Teeheehee!!!!
Katie was pouting, because she cut her foot, and wouldn't get in the picture. Silly girl! To give you an idea of how bright it was, the mountain is directly behind me and Eric, but all you see is brightnessWell, that's it for now folks. Our next trip is most likely going to be here, because it is only about 35-40 minutes from our house. Stay tuned for more exciting!!!!
PS-No luck on any of the lease horses so far, but Amber says that Waska is improving daily. They had her cut a spot out of the pad in his boot-to keep constant pressure off of the supposed bruise-and he can actually walk normally now.
Amber and her hubby are leaving on vacation, and the kidlets and I will be taking care of the panonies, so I will check him out on Friday.


C-ingspots said...

Hey girl - I'm thinking that you and I would probably get along just fine. We both love horses and riding...and being in the woods!! You are having one of those summer adventures that I just love!! Mountain hiking and exploring the forests!! And taking beautiful pictures of God's handicraft - just can't beat it. Like you, I too feel my best when out in the woods, or any wilderness or nature area. Have fun!! That first mountain picture is gorgeous!!

lytha said...

it feels so good to look up at mt rainier every single day that we are here.

although we could deal with a good rain. and temps lower than 87 would be nice too. geez!

the white snowy banks of mt rainier look like ice cream and so refreshing as we suffer down below.

°lytha in west seattle

Melanie said...

Cingspots-Yes, it definitely sounds like we would get along. Want to go for a hike??? LOL!!! You've got some beautiful country down in your neck of the woods too. :)

Lytha-So glad that you are enjoying your vacation!!! And if it's any consolation, it was really hot up by the mountain too; although it was kind of creepy, because I don't think it is supposed to get that warm up there. :)