Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where Are The Horses?

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't posted much about riding lately. Well the main reason I haven't is because we have been short one horse-for about two weeks. Let me explain.....

As many of you know, Amber had Bo and Waska's shoes pulled about one year ago, and we now use Easyboots. Our farrier-whom we have had for over 12 years-also advocates for barefoot horses when possible, and he has shown Amber how to trim hooves throughout the years.
Amber decided to have the farrier out two weeks ago to make sure she was doing a good job on every one's hooves, and he trimmed all of the callouses off of Waska's soles...about six months worth.
We are not really sure why he trimmed the callouses off of Waska's soles, and Amber even said he commented about how thick they were as he trimmed them off. She wanted to speak up and ask him if he should be "cleaning" up Waska's soles-as he put it-but she didn't.

(Below is a picture with of Waska in his Easyboots from last fall)According to Amber, Waska was immediately sore, but she hoped that he would snap out of it in a few days-she gave him some bute and turned him out with Bo and Sienna. Now to give you a little history on Waksa's hooves, he had foundered at his previous home, and had only been able to wear shoes with pads. At least for riding, but he has never had trouble being barefoot out in his paddock.
To make a long story short, Waska got dramatically worse, even after Amber put his boots on 24/7, and after almost two weeks of soreness, it was discovered that he had an abscess.

Thankfully he is now on the mend, and our farrier is most humbled. He says that he will never trim or "clean up" Waska's soles again, and now sees that Waska has to have those callouses.
Bo??? He's fine, but he has super tough hooves, and doesn't even need hind boots...even with our rough terrain. Now if I rode him more than twice per week out there he would, but that will most likely not happen with my current schedule.
Well we are getting ready to take off camping again, and I promise to take lots of pictures. See you when we get back!


Gail said...

I have been thinking about using boots.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry that Waska had to go through all that soreness and pain. Poor boy. I'm glad he's better now and will never have to go through that again now that the farrier knows not to trim his callouses.

I like my callouses, too. Without them I can't walk barefoot outside. :)


Paint Girl said...

I can leave Brandy barefoot, but after my shoer was out last week, she has been so tender! She is not usually like that. I think he trimmed her a lot shorter than normal, but she did have a lot of growth. We have to keep at least front shoes on Fritzy, she has flat feet, and she would never make it out on the trails without them or even in the pasture!
Hope Waska gets those hooves toughened up real quick, so you can hit the trails soon!
Have a good time camping!

Cowgirl Rae said...

Oh Man on the sore feet..... "Trim the walls NEVER the soles" .... I have nearly tattoed that on the shoulder of each horse.... AAAGGGHHH! its the sole that should callus. A horse should never be tender after a trim.

Bummer deal. There is a product I swear by its called

Durasole , its a liquid solution that helps the sole keratinize (get tougher), it literally takes a few drops and I brush it around with an old tooth brush. You can buy it at nanric.