Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Since I have not been able to ride at all during the last three weeks-and yes, it is making me extremely crabby!-I have been lusting after some fine horseflesh on the Internet. Plus there are some of you who are horse shopping, and hey, who doesn't like looking every now and then, right Chelsi and Breathe??? LOL!!!

I have found some really nice horses too-well that fit my needs anyway. Want to see???

This nice gelding (below) comes from Montana, but I am not sure how much training he has had; although Waska didn't really have any, and he caught on just fine....Then there is this handsome fella ,who comes from Northern CA. Hey, that's not that far away, right???? LOL!!! And how about this handsome Morab gelding? He's definitely a good mix of Arab and Morgan blood, and appears to have nice bone/size too.
And last but not least, we have this big boy-and he is in WA too! I don't know if I would pay $9000 for a Mustang though...Now for kid horses-notice how they are not Arabs...teeheehee!!!
This gelding looks like he would be a great all-around horse for the kidlets, and he is drop dead gorgeous to boot. (To see more pics and a video of him, check out his ad) Mom, doesn't he kind of remind you of a chunky Jewel? This gelding has that "I'm cute-pinch my cheeks" look. Sorry for the small picture of him-his ad is expiring.
Okay, so this one is 1/2 Arab, but just look at how cute he is! And the nice thing about him, is he is big enough that I could get on and remind him of his manners if he ever decided to take advantage of the kidlets.Well, there you have it. Hopefully Waska will be ready for riding by next week, and I can quit pining away on the Internet. I would go out and ride Bo by myself, but because the kidlets are out of school, it poses a huge babysitting issue for me. Ahhh will only get easier as they get older, right?

Of course when they are older, I might not want to leave them!!!


Stephanie said...

That half-arab below is cute as a button!

Love the QHs too! You have a GREAT eye for QHs for an arab girl.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful horses all. I know all too well that feeling of not being able to ride....*sigh*
But for me it's been over 6 months. gah!

You've got good kids, Mellie. They'll be good when they're older and you want to head out for a ride, too. :)


Paint Girl said...

I'm lovin' that chunky QH! And he's my fav color too!
That 1/2 Arab is cute! I love to horse shop. But I haven't done it in a long time. I guess I need to check it out, with all these beauties you have found!
Hope you get to go riding soon! The weather is nice, not too hot, perfect for riding!

Gail said...

Isn't it wonderful to dream?

Hope you are back in the saddle again, soon.

oregonsunshine said...

Well Mellie, while you're pining away, you can horse shop for me too! Casey needs a friend and I need a kid safe horse.

Andrea said...

That second Arab is way cute! He looks tall too!! Look at those legs! And that mustang is beautiful!! I can day dream and horse shop all day long. I love that chunky quarter horse gelding. He is super cute!

I actually rode today for the first time in months. I rode my four year old gelding that scares the CRAP out of me. I had to ride him, I can't look like a dork in front of potential buyers. Sigh.....But I hope you get to ride soon. And if it makes you feel any better I went and rode with my four year old watching tv and my one year old sleeping.....

I ride right behind the house, so I am very close.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

My fav is the one with the little girl in the white helmet. I love that well-rounded butt and that big forearm muscle in the front.
Hey, Melanie! I love the Little Naches! The Pony Cousins are related to some pioneers who found their way thru that area to the westside! I am not supposed to tell the name, though.

Pony Girl said...

I love the second one, and the Morab. I love Morabs! I hope you get to get out on trails soon Melanie! :) Wish we could take you with us!

Carolynn said...

Gorgeous! I think I like the mustang and the last one the best.

Crabby?! OMG...don't even talk to me about it. I don't know what's going on with me right now, but I'm so miserable, I can hardly stand myself!

Thanks for the pick-me-up!