Monday, August 3, 2009


As Chelsi has already mentioned-go see her latest post!-we are both having difficulty staying off of sites such as DreamHorse, and I totally agree with her that it is because we both find ourselves horseless. That and we are obviously both a bit obsessive!!!! LOL!!!
(Amber and I did take the ponies out for a quick ride, but Waska was still a tad off, so we made it short and went back home. Hopefully in the next few weeks.....)

In the meantime, here is a lovely mare-yes I said "mare!"-that is located down in OR. While I don't particularly care for mares, this one is rather refined and feminine looking, don't you think??? And yet another beautiful mare......
Too bad this one is far away, otherwise I may have had to beg, borrow, cheat, and steal...teeheehee!! Sometimes Arab/QH crosses come out all wrong, and sometimes they don't!!! Not much wrong with this gelding, eh???
And I would really like to see more pictures of this guy. He has color, he is 1/2 Arab, and he is talented! Hey Chelsi...Want to check him out for me????
This guy might be pretty nice too, and I have an idea that the picture doesn't do him any justice....
I've had my eye on this guy for awhile too. He is not very handsome, but watch his video. He has a nice way about him, and he looks like he could be a lot of fun. A little on the older side though...

This boy is close to me, and like some of the other horses, I would like to see some better shots of him. He might be really nice after a little tune-up.Oh well, such is life. Hopefully Waska will be back to normal in a few, and I can quit looking at horses on the Internet, as it takes up a lot of my time!!!

I may be MIA for a bit-I should be MIA for a bit!!-as I need to finish up my paper and wrap up that class design with my professor. Before I know it, school will be upon me, and I must admit that I am not looking forward to it. At least I only have class two days a week this year.


Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Hello, this is Chelsi from Horse Shoppers Annonymous returning your call... yes, we do have an openning, would you care to join?


They'll never stop me! I'm a lifer! lol

From the top... that first bay mare is just gorgeous...I was going to comment on her more the other day. In some ways she is priced high but then if she is as good as they say, she's worth every penny. That is the kind of mare I call LOVELY...

That Morgan is just too fancy, I'd feel like Barbie riding him...only fatter...and

That Arab cross is really nice and as usual you and I come across the same horses....his breeder is a top producer of arab reiners...

Ok...the only one I have to say "What!" to you is the one that is located in the same area I live... Yah! Not for me!! lol he's fancy... I guess ;)

Now that next guy really does need a new picture! WTF? I agree, I bet he is really nice!

Appy! For the money this guy sounds like a really good horse! Talk about miles on him!

That dark picture paint is hard to see but could be really cute too.

Ah... Ok... can we

Grey Horse Matters said...

I love the paint in the last picture. He reminds me of the best horse we ever had, looks like his twin. Very handsome and looks smart too. Wish I wasn't so far, so I could come and get him and bring him home.

Paint Girl said...

I haven't gone horse shopping on dreamhorse in so long! Maybe I'll add that to my list of things to do this week, since I can't do much else because of my darn wrist!
They are all beautiful, especially the first few, love them!!

Breathe said...

I'm just glad to be done shopping!

Melanie said...

Partner-in-crime...I mean Chelsi!

Heeheehee!!!! That 1/2 Arab gelding that is by you is NOT the best looking horse, and I am surprised that he is ridden the discipline that he is-due to his looks!-but he has a legion of supreme merit, which says volumes about him.

Now....we must STOP!!!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I've been eyeballing that Appy for awhile. You had better hurry or my husband is going to buy him!

That mare is pretty ;) I love me a pretty refined Bay mare :)

Anonymous said...

I have a secret! I have a secret!

You'll just have to check in with me in a couple weeks to find out!

I, too, love to horse shop on dreamhorse. It's so much fun! And I try to only look within and slightly above our budget. And then I dream "if only..."

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I spend a lot of time 'horse shopping' online even though I already have a horse. I call it 'research' lol!

That mare Chickie's description sounds so much like my mare...well except for the hard-working part. lol!

Kona is an awesome horse. Wow! He sounds like he'd be perfect for you, and his price is awesome! He cost less than my mare cost and she's a year older than him. But she hasn't done near as much as that Appie has. That bit of TB in him sure makes him look so refined and tall! And he is rather handsome when he's moving.

Good luck with your paper. Take it easy,

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

boy. .look what you started. . I just got done wandering through Dream Horse!

We sold two babies we raised on Dream Horse.. we are also in Washington, and sent one to Wisconsin, the other to Florida. Kicked my self for selling the one to Wisconsin, as he was the best one we ever had.. my loss! He went on to do very well, and was loved by his owner, her trainer and all the kids in her barn, he was such a ham.

I am shocked that the prices are still so high on so many..