Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honestly, Honest, I Swear....

About one week ago, Oregonsunshine tagged me for the Honest Scrap Award, and even though I have played I along before, I decided to oblige and do it one more time; although I am not sure what I haven't disclosed about myself yet. Thank you Oregonsunshine!!!! It's always nice to be thought of.

The rules of this award ask that I disclose 10 honest things about myself, that I nominate/tag seven other people to play, that I notify them of their award, and that I pass the rules on to them.

(I decided to use pictures from a recent hike that the kidlets and I went on, and to use pictures from a recent ride as well) 1) I am the most comfortable when I am out in nature. It doesn't matter where I am-the woods, the desert, the prairie-the earth is so alive, and it rejuvenates me mentally and spiritually. Whether I am on foot or on horseback, there is nothing like it...2) I love poetry, and one of my favorite poems is called Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost. One of my favorite lines from this poem is "...the woods are lovely, dark and deep..." So true!3) I detest living in town, and honestly think that I would be happy living out in the middle of nowhere. Oh sure, I would still want to go to town and do "town" stuff, but I am happy to just be by myself, doing what I love: reading, riding, hiking etc... Maybe one day, when my kidlets are all grown up, I will get my wish.
4) I have always wanted to be a midwife. I have helped welcome a lot of foals, calves, kids-as in the goat kind!-lambs, puppies and kittens into this world, and I also worked with an OB/GYN for some time. There is nothing like getting to know your patient over nine months, and then being there to help them welcome their little miracle into this world.
5) After Shadest-my horse of 16 years died-I bought a yearling 7/8's Arab gelding named MJD Camino de Oro. He was sort of a rebound horse for me, as I had always had one and suddenly found myself horseless. Below is a picture of Amber on him, and you can see how big he was as a three year old. When Amber finally sold him-I was too busy to do much with him so he became Amber's horse-he was 16.1 hands high. Oregonsunshine: doesn't he look like your VTA???6) I don't like country music.I do like bluegrass-that is more folky-but country music has never grown on me. Unfortunately, my hubby and kidlets like it, so I grit my teeth and bear it when I am in the car with!!! There are a few artists and songs that I do like, but it is just not my style. To each his own, eh? :)7) I am a bona-fide chocoholic. Yes, it is my one one downfall-well I am sure that I have more than one downfall, but you know what I mean!!!8) Okay, this is getting really!!! Uhmmmmm....lets see...How about....I am allergic to bees? I have to carry an epi-pen everywhere with me, and it really sucks. I have done it for so long now though, that it has just become a third appendage.

One of my biggest fears is to get into a nest of them while out riding. That would not be good, although that has happened before and I made it out unscathed. Maybe that's because I kicked my horse into a gallop and left everyone else behind??? LOL!!!9) I am going to be 35 in November, and I have decided that I really like being in my mid-thirties. I never thought I would say that, but it is a good age to be. I have lots of life behind me, and I have lots of life ahead of me-hopefully, right????. :)

10)Yea!!!! I am done, right??? I know I am cheating, but this is my blog and I can make up my own!!! (sticks tongue out)

Anyway, I hope that I haven't bored you all to tears. If anyone wants to play along, please feel free...


oregonsunshine said...

Oh Mellie! He does look like my VTA! So much so I am crying! I'm still looking for Taz (aka AB Joker) and I just want to know that he's safe and cared for. Or, I want to bring him home.

I can agree with almost all your 10. I don't want to be a midwife, because that would be dealing with people. And while I love all of you guys here in blogland, I don't like OTHER people very much.

Oh, and I'm not allergic to bees. Just hops and a few other things. Unfortunately, we live in the center of the hops growing area here. Can't wait until we move!

And I do like country, but I love bluegrass too!

You're only a year older than me! I love that!

oregonsunshine said...

PS You have mail from me!

henny said...

Hi, first time to visit here...nice blog and great horses!
have a great day :)

Paint Girl said...

I am with you, living out in the middle of nowhere! Yes! The only way to go! I'd still like to be even further out than where I am, with more property. But I am not going to complain! I love my country life!
I'm also in my mid 30's, and it has been one of the best times in my life!

Andrea said...

Oh those were good!! I love those pictures!! I wish we had woods like that here. And if we did, there probably would be snakes and huge nasty spiders!! Eakkk!!! I too am allergic to bees!! And girl, how can you not like country music!! It's okay I guess, my bullriding cowboy husband doesn't really like it either.......I guess you are forgiven!! :) It's great to catch up with you, it seems like it's been forever!!

C-ingspots said...

Wow girl!! So many posts, my little head is swimming!! You've been having some fun lately - good girl!! That is a beautiful horse and he has some very long legs...too bad you had to sell him. Very interesting 9 things...I am most comfortable and breathe easiest in the great outdoors too!! Nothing better, right? Well, must run...take care and keep on enjoying your summer!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

It is scary that you are so allergic to bees!! DB has a shellfish allergy and is suppose to carry an epi but doesnt.

My girl, how can you not like country music!! I guess there was a time when I didnt either and lately I am more and more fussy 'bout it but some of it just cuts right to your soul!

And I'll see your chocolaholic and raise you sweet tooth!

My Mom really wants to be a midwife too...I think some woman are just born to be a calling!! It is sad that what was, over the course of history, once a highly valued skill/art/talent has now been lost to modern medicine!

Great post.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

1, 3, 6 and 7 could have been written by me. I like that we have a few more things in common, my bloggy friend.

Thanks for sharing your Scraps :)