Friday, September 5, 2008


You know how a lot of us have either blogged about, or commented on, the power of positive thinking? Well today my friends, I should have taken my own advice! Me, Amber, Martha, and a very nice girl (she is only 24, so I can call her a girl, and besides,"nice lady" sounds so formal!), planned on fitting a trail ride into our busy schedules, and I distinctly remember making the comment to Amber, that Bo would most likely be a monster today because we would be riding with a new horse. For whatever reason, Bo has always been better either by himself, or with horses that he is familiar with, and he doesn't really act that naughty, he just charges ahead, wants to be in the front, and prances/jigs/piaffes most of the ride. It honestly doesn't bother me, because I like to have a horse with spunk, but sometimes, like when we are on a steep trail with a sharp drop-off to one side, it would be nice if he could just keep his mind out of wherever it flits off to, and relax. The funny thing about Bo too, is that he is not the lead gelding in the pasture, but he definitely wants to be on the trail. Most of the horses I have ridden, tend to act similar when riding, in regards to their position in the herd, as they do back at home. Not Bo Bo!! continue on with my story....when I got to Amber's house, Bo did his usual whinny, and came to the gate so I could halter him. I then went to get Waska (Amber wasn't home at the time, so I tacked the boys up), and threw the lead rope up on Bo's back, assuming that he would follow us. Oh no. Bo proceeded to calmly walk to the back of the pasture (the area known as the back forty), and stood there. In the trees. Staring at me like "Hate to break it to you Mel, but I really don't want to go for a ride. Hmmm....I kind of felt sorry for the poor, old guy.... Of course, I am already thinking to myself that Bo is not in the mood for a ride (which is really unusual), and that I am probably in for either a poky ride (why I would think that, I'll never know, because old Bo Bo can keep up with the best of them!), or a naughty ride.Well... (no surprise here, because I was thinking rather negatively!)Bo was a jigging, piaffing, totally beautiful, animated, and collected gelding for most of the ride. He pretty much behaved in a manner that gives people the impression that Arabs are dingnuts! Again, I didn't necessarily mind, because I secretly pretended that we were doing Grand Prix Dressage...teeheehee!Another little piece of trivia about Bo Bo, is that for whatever reason, and I initially thought "poor eyesight," until Amber told me that he has always been this way, he speeds up and gets somewhat panicky when we are riding in deep, dark, and small trails. He must just be claustrophobic??? (The picture below was not taken on one of those trails, it was obviously taken on a nice, open one!)You see the little strap of leather that connects the two sides of Bo's breast collar? Well it was my anchor for a lot of the ride, because we were in deep, dark, woods, on little trails, that went uphill, and did I mention that Bo likes to trot or collectedly canter up hills...especially when he is angry at the world, and having a panic attack???? I would like to interject here and say that even though I make Bo sound like a psychotic, scrambling, fool, he really isn't, and I have never felt like I have lost control of him, nor did Amber when she used to ride him. If I did, trust me, I would not ride him!
The funny thing about this ride, and I am sure that it was all of that negative energy that I had been sending out, was that Bo never tired. He acted like he was spring chicken! For three hours we played Dressage...I mean rode...along lots of small, cramped, bridle paths, and Bo made sure that I earned my ride!!!!
Oh, and just so you know, Bo did not get his way the whole time. Sometimes he had to be in the back, and as you can tell, he was not happy about it!
Tomorrow we are off to the Trial Challenge down in Ethel, so I should have some fun pics from that later on. Have a happy Friday!


Saddle Mountain Rider said...

the photo with his head turned, reminds me of a pose of a unicorn, so cute.

cdncowgirl said...

I love the one of him in the trees with his halter and lead. :)

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

My old gelding use to be the same way. You didnt want a boring old ride, did you? I loved it! It makes you fee like you are riding some wild and dangerous beast!!! It makes you feel alive. Alright, I'll admit there where times where I wish he would just chill so that I could daydream. Sounds like you have a horse with some personality there!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh gosh that sounds like FUN!!! Cant wait to see the pics of the trail challenge too...

On the negative energy--- you got it! ;) When you put bad juju out there, you get bad juju back ;)

Happy trails from now on Girlfriend!

Twinville said...

You know, my friend, that you impress me, right? The image of you riding along on a dressage-ing (a new word, teehee) horse on a narrow trail in the woods and up and down steep hills, just makes my hair stand on end.

Not me. No sir. I like 'em slow and plodding, at least on the trail. But of course, I'm, sort of new to this horse riding fun. ANd maybe that'll change, but I doubt it. My neighbor friend jokes with me that I should have gotten a big old draft horse to ride trail, because anything faster than a slow trot just about gives me hives! hehe

Wow. BoBo sure is a cutie. He looks so mysterious peeking out from that tree. I like his blue halter and lead, too. :)


Pony Girl said...

Hee! Bo reminds me a lot of my sister's mare! At least you feel like you have control of him.
I am curious to hear about the trail challenge!
I am also hoping I feel well enough to make it out on the trails tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! It's supposed to be sunny!

Melanie said...

Saddle Mtn.-
He DOES look like a unicorn in that picture!! Too cute!

Iknow. He looks cute, huh?

Horse Crazed Mind-
No, I didn't want a boring ride...I never want a boring ride, and you worded the feeling/rush that you get, perfectly...alive!

Mrs. Mom and Pony Girl-
Pictures are coming!

You are too sweet!! There is nothing wrong with liking a calm, cool, and collected horse (you're probably smarter than me!). I just prefer a little bit of "get up and go," in my mounts. As long as they can pull it together when I need them to...teeheehee!!

Train Wreck said...

How fun to have friends to ride with!! So you met someone who reminde you of moi? I do that same thing!! he! he! I pick people out that I think all my blog friends would look like!

Meg said...

Hello sweetie!
Oh, what fun...I am so envious! I always wanted to go trail riding...maybe someday when my life slows down enough I can do that...sigh...


20 meter circle of life said...

I swear the human tail bone is an Equine diving rod! Booster can tell right away if I am off. Great pics as always!! You know the trail is a great place to practice you dressage moves, keeps them thinking and has allowed me to get past a nasty spook more than once

Andrea said...

What a funny horse! I love him hiding in the bushes!! LOL! I am glad it was a safe ride. I was beginning to think he might buch or something with how squirley he was being. I can't wait to see pictures of the trail coarse!! Sounds like fun.

Heidi said...

Funny! I had a crazy trail ride on Jack this weekend, too! He started off fine, but spooked across the road we have to ride along to get to the trail. Scary! That set him off for the whole ride. I felt like I was on a carousel horse- up and down the whole time. He got so upset if he was not nose to butt with his buddy. He then spooked at the same spot on the way back, half rearing while spooking into the road. Thank goodness the people driving were paying attention!!! Needless to say we WORKED off some of his steam when we got back to the safety of the arena!

Can't wait for the trail pics :-)

Heidi said...

Oops, one more thing. He's usually so calm! It was nuts :-)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Well, if Bo wasn't tired, were you? Sounds like fun though. I love a horse with some get up and go too. My barrel horse is the most boring thing in the world to ride in the umph whatsoever-LOL.

Melanie said...

I love practicing equitation, or whatever, out on the trail too!!

Yes, Bo is goofy, but there is no buck in least so far!

Something must have been in the air....

Yes! I was tired. It was a blast though :)

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Sounds like it was fun even tho it was a bit of a chore for you.

Bo takes great pics.

The last one you can see that his ears are back to listen to you... lol