Friday, September 19, 2008

My Last Post...

I don't know why, but the post that I just wrote, posted below my last post...weird!!!
So...head on down to read what it is all about. It is under the title of "Running."


Cara said...

It wasnt horse related, but I don't think it was weird!

I can't run at all anymore, and I can barely ride. Yesterday I had a cortison inzection in my low back and expect to see some improvement.

I had simular symptoms to yours. Allergy shots had helped my allergies so much that twenty years ago I was able to stop taking antihistamines regularly.

But the cardio and wt loss.... The 13th endocrinologist that I went to tested normal thyroid stimulating hormone TSH for the 13th time, AND found a pituitary adenoma and prescribed estrogen which gave me stomach cramps, vomiting and weight gain inspite of not being able to keep food down. Several times I had to pull off the road sobbing over a piece of trash discarded heartlessly to languish alone and get hit by cars.

Endocrinologist number 14 changed the precription to a Parkinsons drug and added Synthroid for secondary hypothyroidism which doesn't show in the TSH test.

20 meter circle of life said...

I used to run before I got Abu and now I dont have the time. I liked it.
So weird about the allergy stuff. I am so glad you got that all worked out.