Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays, and More Birthdays!!!

Sorry folks! September is birthday month around here, but I promise that there is only one more birthday, and one anniversary left!So...the reason I posted a picture of Eric and Amber together, is obviously because Eric's birthday was/is next. Nine years ago, on Amber's birthday, I took castor oil in the hopes of inducing labor, because Eric was almost one week overdue and getting bigger. He had other ideas however, and he was not born until September 24th, after a 32 hour labor. He was supposed to be born at a birthing center, with my midwife, but after my labor failed to progress past a seven, she took me to the hospital where I was prepped for a C-section. Thankfully the Pitocin worked (no C-section needed!), and Eric arrived, all 9#9oz and 22" of him, screaming and shaking his tiny little fists. When Eric was little, my mom used to call him "Charlie Brown Head," because he had a large and perfectly round head. It is still large and round, but thankfully he has grown into it...lol!!!
He also used to have the longest, whitest curls you have ever seen...until he was a little over two, and Kevin took him to get his first haircut.Now look at him! He is a football, basketball, and baseball playing, horseback riding, hunting, quad/ATV loving, nine year old, but mostly, he is my little boy. Happy Birthday Bud Bud!!! Mommy loves you and I am so glad that God gave you to me!!!!


Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Gosh, he is all boy, isnt he? So cute. Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!! He is a really handsome fellow!! His baby pictures are soo cute!! I love his blonde hair!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!

His birthday is 20 days after mine. I love September birthdays, but gah girl, you've got quite a few in September! :)

He's such a handsome fella and he was one cute little baby. What a smile!!!


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Happy Birthday!! OMG- what a big baby, you poor thing! But it is nice to know that he will grow in to a strong and straping young man!

Thanks for your thoughts on my blog, it is so heart warming to know you all are behind me.