Friday, September 26, 2008

September's Last Birthday...

The last birthday that we have in our family for a while is my sister-in-law, Mary's, birthday.
Happy birthday Mary! Remember, you are only 30 once, so enjoy!!! (Mary holding Eric just hours after he was born) Mary is the best! She helps us out with the kids ALL of the time, and I honestly do not know what I would do without her help.
Let me just tell you that we are all tired of birthday cake...and cookies...and brownies...and...I am going to be sick!
I also wanted to thank all of you for your input on cameras. It was very helpful, and I went out and bought one today. I am embarrassed to say that I bought another Kodak EasyShare (you all know how I felt about my last one!), and I love it!!! Now I am really thinking that my other one was defective from the time that I bought it, and that I just didn't know any better. I went in to the store, fully planning on buying the Canon, but the sales lady talked me into the Kodak. She said that for what I was looking for right now ( price, durability, great pictures, small size...), nothing could really beat a Kodak, although the Canon was a close second. So...for about $120, I bought one. I feel like a kid with a new toy...teeheehee!!!

Once again...Happy birthday Auntie Mary!!!!


Cara said...

Whew! I know what it is to have a family birthday season! Our is around Christmas with Nov 21, Dec 19,24,27,31. Throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year..... That's a lot of food!

Valentines day belongs to Hallmark. Year end holidays belong to Pepto Bismol.

We get an October pre-amble with Halloween and an Oct 5th birthday. Too too much! But that means the rest of the year is a piece of cake!

No, No! Not cake! Anything but cake!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! Oh, dear 30!! I will be 30 soon!! I hope she had a fun birthday!!

You do have a lot of September Birthdays!! That is crazy!!

Melanie said...

I am sorry that you also have to feel my!!! We are done with birthdays for a while now...well, until November!

LOL!!! Mary really isn't 30! I am just being silly! :)