Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jibby's Birthday

Today is my sister, Jen's, 22nd birthday, and of course, I have to post a picture of her and Shadest. Happy Birthday Jibb's ( her nickname is Jibby, or Jibbs)!

(sorry this photo is so cattywompus!)

Although Jen and I are no longer as close as we once were, I hope that she remembers that I do love her, and that it is OK if I don't always agree with everything that she says or does. Remember Jibbs, I am 12 years older than you, and have been through seven years of therapy, so I tend to think a lot differently than you do. Hopefully one day you will understand that. Until then, I still care about you, and I hope that you have an awesome birthday...even if I am not invited :)


Pony Girl said...

Jibby and Shadest were a cute, well-matched pair!
Does your sister read your blog??

Melanie said...

Pony Girl-
They were a cute pair! Two red! I think that she reads my blog still, but I am not 100% sure :)

Twinville said...

Awww, I have a soft spot for her since my daughter's name is Jenna. We nickname her Jen or Jen Jen.

How did Jen get her nickname Jibby?
My! She has some ed hair! Is it still that red? What a pretty gal.

Happy Birtdhay Jibby!

ps, I hope one day you and Melanie can bridge the gap and build a close relationship.
Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Twinville said...

ps...I really need to do spellcheck before publishing. gah!

Train Wreck said...

Oh what a touching post! I don't have a sister. I just decided to pick my "own" sistas out! I do know that even if you are close, you will not always get along, or agree on everything. Good job on keeping your heart open. I'm sure things will work out. Beautiful hair! Hey I will adopt you for my sister!! Welcome! he! he!