Monday, January 26, 2009

Where To Go and What To Do???

Well hello there!!!! It feels like it has been forever since I last posted anything. As previously mentioned, the past three weeks have been hellacious, but this Thursday officially marks the end of "J"-Term. Ya!!!!
All of this craziness has got me thinking about planning our summer vacation, but I am kind of stuck on where to go and what to do.
So...I was sitting here on the computer, needlessly searching for places to go and things to see, when I remembered all of YOU!!! That's right, you heard me. I know that a lot of you live in the PNW, and in BC (and there are others who have lived here, but have moved elsewhere!!) so I thought that I would ask you guys for recommendations.

We have thought about heading up to Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada), driving over to Yellowstone National Park, or going down to Oregon somewhere (Eastern or Western).Anywho...even though I just mentioned some places that are not in the PNW, if any of you know of some really neat spots in WA, OR, ID, or BC, let me know. We have sold our travel trailer, so we would need to stay in a cabin, cottage, or hotel. ... And, I was pleasantly surprised when my hubby mentioned that a dude ranch would be fun. He used to ride with me, but hasn't had a horse in years...maybe one day???? (PS-The horse in the picture below is not one that I know. He/she just popped up when I googled "dude ranch." Nice looking little pony, don't you think???)So lets here it!!!! Where should we go????
Hope that you have all had great weekends, and I promise to be a better blogger in the near future. :)


Paige said...

Good question--you are so far from me, I am not much help. But we were in Banff in July--we went to the Stampede in Calgary and the hubby wanted to go mountain biking, so that is how that happened.

It sure was gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Crater Lake Oregon - fun and romantic.

Olympic National Forest, WA - there are cabins and TeePees you can rent but you'd better check now - educational, plenty of activities and romantic there on the beach.

WallaWalla WA - Wine Country Deluxe - not so fun for the kids - plenty of fun for Mom and Dad.

Want to rent a house boat and float the upper Columbia? Me and Chris would join you guys in our boat for a day or two of fun on the beach. East of the mountains is HOT in the summer and house boats are totally fun. Rent our of Kettle Falls Marina.

North of us there is the little Pend Oreille (sp) lake chain. There is cabins to rent on one of the lakes - there is TONS of activities - I believe now even horse riding but if you want to spend some quiet time with your family having fun in nature on a lake in beautiful forest - its the place to go. Fishing, hiking, mountain biking, motorcycling, ATV's, lots of horse trails - its a really neat area. Let me know I can get you phone numbers. My family has a cabin up from the lake the lodge is on.

Stephanie said...

OR you could go the PENDLETON ROUND-UP!! Take the family and have a blast!

There is also the OMACK Stampede - that's a fun one too. You got the rodeo, race and a Pow-wow.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hey glad to have you back!! But ya know...ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I don't think I ever answered your question about what classes I was thinking about attending when I go back to school...Accounting. I already have my BS degree in Bus. Admin...not much good for anything, except HR stuff. It always cracks me us when I say I have my BS degree...cause yes, now I realize that a degree in Bus. Admin. is just that in my case-LOL(get it B... S...??)...ughhh, I know it's a terrible joke. But anyway, all I need is my core Accounting classes and I will have my dual Bach. Degree.

Sorry, too far the other direction from you to be of any help in the vacation dept, but will enjoy hearing about it this summer.

Mrs Mom said...

Not sure what to suggest for vacation Melanie, but I'd vote for a dude ranch! ;) Hey, theres gotta be horses involved, right? ;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Once, we were heading to Chilliwack and Calgary but never made it- time conflicts, so we ended up going to Yellowstone on our way home from Oregon to New Mexico. But we did get up to the Fraser Valley area of BC. LOVELY!!!

A couple of years ago, my mother, daughter, and I took the ferry from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island. We wanted to go to Ucluelet and Tofino to see the whales but couldn't get reservations so instead we went by ferry into Vancouver. Had a great time.

Two years ago my family drove to San Francisco and then up the California coast to see the redwoods. We even drove through the giant tree at Leggett. Along the way there and back, we came through Reno, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.

I have taken many, many road trips. I've been through almost every state by car except Alaska, Iowa, and the New England states. Last year, for my Mom's birthday, we took a road trip and visited the four states she had never been to: Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It was a killer road trip, but we did get to see Mt. Rushmore and Niagara Falls!

I'm still hopeful on taking a horseback riding vacation someday. There is an AHA sponsored ride in April on the Varian Arabians Ranch for a week long working ranch/trail ride. It probably won't happen, but it's a dream. That, or going to Portugal or Spain to ride Lusitanos and Andalusians on the beach, and maybe a dressage lesson.

Often, I plan my road trips at the fly and head a general direction. It's fun to see America this way, you just never know what you'll see.

I also want to go to South Padre Island sometime for some beach fun. However, Texas is probably too far for you.

Natarojo said...

State side I have always wanted to see Portland, Oregon. And this spring I am going to get the chance to see it! I have had Prtland reccomended to me an numerouse occasions.

Another favorite is Priest Lake, Idaho. I have family in Spokane that have property at Priest Lake. My aunt even has a web site, she has started up a few small business'! I loved visiting the lake and surrounding areas all throughout my childhood and hope to go bakc some day soon.

If the Dude Ranch idea is more your style, Douglas Lake Ranch if one of the best known Working Cattle and Horse Ranch in BC. I am yet to visit myself, but hope to soon. Just google "Guest Ranches in BC" and you'll get quite the list of reputable places!

Also check out (Horse Council BC) click on the "About" menu, and go to forums. There is a bed & bale section with plenty of reccomendations!

Let me know what your plans end up being! I can't wait for summer! It's snowing again....

Tracey said...

A dude ranch? Oh...that would be fun! Find one that lets you round up cattle.

It's been a few years, but we made reservations on the Oregon coast and stayed in one of their was fun! Or maybe Sequim during the lavender festival?

C-ingspots said...

Oooh what fun!! I will put some thought into this and get back at a later needing to get busy right now. But, off the top of my head - in LaPine, Oregon (central near Bend) there is a rental cabin called Moose Pines owned by Andrew Bittner. Cheap prices and the place is not fancy, but is clean and has lots of room. Lots of lakes and riding trails and nearby Bend...lots to do. Check it out on google.

Rising Rainbow said...

Looks like you've gotten lots of great recommendations. Me, I never travel except to horse shows so my tunnel vision doesn't make for good ideas on vacations. LOL

The idea of a dude ranch working cattle sounds like something I could break myself away for.

Whatever you decide I hope you have a great time. You deserve it!

Melanie said...

Paige-My hubby has always wanted to go to Banff to see the wildlife...specifically the elk!! The scenery there looks gorgeous too though. :)

Stephanie-Wow!! Thanks for the excellent ideas. Your comments reminded my hubby of places that he had forgotten about, such as the lake system in Pend Orielle (I never knew how to pronounce that, until my hubby just said!!!). We are seriously considering the houseboat thingy. A lot of our friends have done it, and highly recommend it. Oh, and the Stampede sounds fun too....

BEC-I would love to head out your way, but finances won't allow it right now. Hahaha...everyone I know calls their BA degree a "BS" degree!!! It is always the most popular major amongst the freshmen though. Ask any of them what their major is and they quickly say "something in business." Good luck!!

Mrs.Mom -Yes, horses always make for a fun least for me!!!

Val-You sure have amde your way around the United States! I have done the ferry trip to Vancouver Island, but my hubby and kidlets haven't It is something that we are considering. :) When you head to Europe to ride, will you call me??? LOL!!!

Natarojo-Ooooohhh thanks for all of the good info!!! I will have to check some of those ranches out. Priest Lake, eh?? Better look into that one as well.

Tracey-Isn't the Lavender Festival amazing??? I LOVE lavender!! The OR coast is top on our list as well. :)

Cingspots-You are one of my OR contacts, so any place that you can recommend would be great...when you have time of course!!! :)

Rising Rainbow-LOL!!! I have travelled around horse shows/events as well. We are a strange bunch, aren't we???

To all-THANKS for all of the great ideas!!! I now have a lot of searching to do!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mellie!!! Vacation in New Mexico! Come see me! Wishful thinking, I know, but a bedbound gal can dream, right?

I'd go with the Dude Ranch. They usually got lots of activities for kids and stuff do for adults with or without the kids.
Make sure they have a hot tub as youll need it after chasing cows all day!

I have a dream to go on a horseback wine country tour one day. You ride to a bunch of wineries each day and stay at different B&B's each night.

Maybe I can convince hubby to do this for our 20th anniversary next May?! Sad thing is that he doesn't even drink. (pout).
Wanna do a wine country tour with me next year???



Andrea said...

I have been dying to go to a dude ranch. My husband wants to go on a cruise and I want to go ride horses and get dirty.

C Lazy U ranch is a good one. I am on their mailing list.

I have a friend who works for a dude ranch in Colorado, I can find out which one he works for and get back with ya on that.

I don't really know, about places up there. I haven't been. But there are some great ideas that others have, that I will have to look into.

I think a dude ranch would be fantastic, adn there are dude ranches that have kid ranches so you and your hubby can go and do what you want and the kids will have riding lessons and all sorts of fun stuff!! Lot of fun!!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I think going to a Dude ranch sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...


If you go with the Oregon Coast, I suggest Cape Kiwanda. It's the southern end of Cannon Beach and not as crowded. Cottages, hotels, and other rentals abound! Or, Newport because they have the aquarium. Or Silver Falls in Silverton, OR because they have miles and miles of hiking trails, equestrian trails, cabins and camp sites and waterfalls galore! It doesn't hurt that I live near! ;)

mrscravitz said...

A trip down HWY 101! I love the coast and there are some really neat things to see. Lincoln City is my favorite place on the Oregon coast. I usually go there and spend 3-4 days. One day I drive North or South, along Hwy 101. I pull over and hunt down yard sales. WOW! Such and adventure, because not only do you get to know the town intimately, but you get to see/view places you don't normally get to. There really is a lot to Lincoln City that you don't see just driving through the town. We hit all the towns as far as we dare to go in one day, and still make it back to our motel. Then the next day we do the same going in the opposite direction.

Newport has an AWESOME BOARDWALK and you can walk right down on the PIER and look at all the ships up close! That is pretty neat.

Tillamook has the Cheese factory you can tour, and their ice cream is pretty good too. Of course before you get the ice cream you can have cheese samples. Lunch and Desert! LOL

Of course you have all the light houses along the coast. Those are worth stopping at and visiting. A lot of history there.

OH, one more thing. Last year there was an outfit that gave horse rides on the beach. They use to be in (I think it was Nesquin-Just north of Lincoln City) but have moved their horses to THE SURF TIDES area of Lincoln City. You get to ride horses on the beach and I must say, It is AWESOME! If you find the Surf Tides Motel, the horses are across the street.

What ever you decide I hope you have fun. You have a lot of good ideas here in the comments.