Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspiration Where Art Thou???

Goodness it has awhile since I posted/wrote about anything!!! You want to know why??? Well, besides that fact that I have been crazy busy, I just can't seem to sit down and write. I have all of these neat ideas in my head, and I even have pictures to go along with them, but I can't sit down and put those ideas on my screen for some reason. I have still been going around and reading/commenting on every one's blogs, but I come back to mine and go "Blahhhhhh...." Has this ever happened to any of you before??? I have been blogging for seven months now, and I was thinking that I may be a tad burnt out??? Is there even such a thing??? Maybe it is just because I have been so busy that I don't have the energy to devote to blogging right now? Who knows, but I sure hope it goes away soon!!!

I am headed out for a nice ride tomorrow, so maybe that will give me some inspiration.
Anywho...hang in there! I promise that I will be back to my regular, ranting and raving self in no time....well maybe I need just a little bit of!!!!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Don't fret, it'll come back to you.
When I don't feel like writing much, I'll just post a video or photos.
Always remember, internet comes in BEHIND your family and personal needs.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm afraid I know how you feel. Sometimes, I just can't think of anything I think would be of interest to anyone.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Oh yeah girl, I know how you feel! ;) It will pass- don't worry!! Have an awesome ride, and a great weekend!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh definitely!! I go feed horses and clean pens and think of all kinds of really cool(IMO) things to write about and when I come back inside...fssssssttttt...nothing comes out.

Don't worry-like FV said...just post a pic or vid once and a while so we still know you are alive.;)

I think it is hitting everyone too...have you noticed a lot of people are simply doing Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday photos??

BTW-I love that painting. Looks like some of our big, fat, foundation geldings-LOL

Natarojo said...

I think the time of year/weather has everyone in a bit of a funk. And if only the days were longer.... then we could squeeze more out of them! Summer is coming... we just have to be patient. I don't know about you, but I hate being patient! And I'm loving catching up and commenting on others posts, but can't seem to get many of my own out...

allhorsestuff said...

All those remarks resemble my blog Mellie...I post more photo's and Video cause I have lack for words and things I have not already said. I find it difficult to express myself "fully human" on my blog because so many of the barn folk read it and I have to be careful of my thoughts..they are scrutinized.( It is sick really)
Sometimes I think about creating another I can let er' rip! I am soo much more/and have much more human delima, that I let on.

Wow...a bit of a tirade there...well anywho...Life apart from the screen here is bigger than the screen here. When stuck...we really all just want to know YOU are among the LIVING. When you have some cool spider web photo's from the ride today-tomorrow...we do wish to see them too!
We just all love ya and are in the same BIGg boat gal!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get over your blue funk about blogging soon, because i just love finding out what the Knutsens are up to. Dont you think that the weather affects our mental attitude about all of the things that we like to do and those that we dont like to do? We have blue sky/sunshine today and i want to do all kinds of things.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

First, I want that big blue one on the right.

Second, of course it is okay to take time away... especially when you are as crazy busy as you are! Just dont disappear altogether because we'll miss you too much if you do!

You should post that story you wrote yesterday about Shadest and Bo!

Stephanie said...

No Chelsi can't have the blue on cause I already took it - AH HA! LOL!

Yeah that happens to me - then there are times like this, when I have a ton of stuff to write about and have no time!!

I say if you want a break - troll everyone else's blog and enjoy yourself. We'll know you are still out there - then when inspiration hits go write a quick post!

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing a bit of the same problem. However, I know ya'll will be around when I'm ready to write again. As we'll all be around when you're ready to write!

Andrea said...

I go through funks too. When life gets really super busy and I don't have time to sit down and type a thing. But I have to edit pictures and then upload them. I am obsessive about my picture editing. Not that half the time anyone can even tell. I am weird.

Have a great ride!! And since the blue horse is taken, can I have the bay? I love bays!!

Have a great ride, take pictures!! And stay warm!

Pony Girl said...

Hang in there Melanie. We all go through slumps. Sometimes I go through old picture files and stroll down memory lane that way. It inspires me to tell a story that I haven't, or post a photo that I hadn't, even edit it in a new way. I think the ride should inspire you, too. I think it's windy and rainy here tomorrow, I'm going to see my horse but doubt riding is going to happen! :(

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Man! Look at all thos mostrous big horsie butts! Can only imagine the power behind them. Yikes!

I'm sort of in the opposite boat with blogging. I have a lot to say, but feel it's probably so boring that noone will be interested.

I cry at least once a day and am just so upset, frustrated and bored, too. And my blog isn't the way I wanted it to be....a ranch blog focusing on animals and farm/ranch life....instead it's about a pathetic disabled woman stuck in her bedroom peeking out at the world without anything to new to talk about.

I know how tedious to talk with someone that only talks about their aches and pains, medications, sad life, yada yada. And here I am doing just that.

I've been thinking of starting up another blog just about my personal rants and daily frustrations and activities...not really for anyone else to read, but just as a journal for me.
And then I can refocus my blog on what I wanted it to be about......

Of course being stuck in bed means my ranch blog would be pretty quiet and stagnant most ofthe time.

Oh well, what can you do?

I sure hope you enjoy your ride and have fun. Take some pics, too. I always love to read about your horse rides.

BTW, Stop by my blog, as I've got a goodie for you :)


Melanie said...

To all-

Awwww shucks you guys!!!! I was kind of hoping that you would yell at me and tell me to shut up, toughen up, and!!!!

You guys are are the greatest, and I am going to respond to your comments over at your bloggity blogs...okay???

Melanie said...

Oh, and Steph and Chels????? No fighting over the ponies!!! The blue one is mine...I saw him!!!!!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

I get that way all the time! I have all these ideas, but I'm a terrible writer so then I just sit and stare at the compose screen.

It will pass!