Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie Kate!!! Well Tomorrow Anyway!!!

Yep, that's right!! Miss Katie turns seven on the seventh this year.
Here are a few factoids about her:
-Katie was born at 12:20 am, which happens to be the exact same time that I was born
-Katie weighed a whopping ten pounds and ten ounces (22 inches long)
-Katie was born at a birth center, with a midwife, and was surrounded by friends and family
-About the exact same time that I was in labor with Katie, my horse Shadest was at home colicking
-Katie was born on the day that Shadest diedSo...even though I was completely overjoyed by the birth of my baby daughter, I was incredibly saddened by the death of my horse (he was 16 and I had known him since he was a foal). Needless to say, I spent a lot of time crying hysterically and trying to hold it together.
Life goes on though, and even though I am teary eyed while I write this (due to remembering how much emotional turmoil I was going through at the time) I am eternally thankful to have a happy, healthy, seven year old.
Cutie patootie on the beach (three years old).
Above is a picture of Amber, Katie and Bo about six years ago(before he went back to his old owner), and below is a picture of Miss Katie on Bo Bo this past summer. So far, Katie shares my love for horses, but if she ever outgrows it, that is fine too.
Below is a picture of me and Shadest in 1991. (Quit laughing at my horrible late eighties/early nineties hair!!!! Stop it right now!!!!) Just thought I would throw it in here to...you know, as a tribute! :)
Anyway, coming back to the present, I want to post a link to my friend Angie's blog: Angie Penrose Photography. She is a photographer, and took a couple of random shots of Katie last week while we were visiting and having lunch together. She captured Katie as she looks now, but don't let the peaceful, serene expression fool you!!! Katie is no pushover...lol!!!
Happy Birthday Katie!!! Mommy and daddy love you!!!!


Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! If you got your mama's genes, you gonna have a good life!

Sharon said...

This is a very sweet post. I'm sorry about your horse, even if it was 7 years ago, the hurt can still feel fresh at times. Happy Birthday to Katie! I'll go visit your friends blog :)

Have a great evening,

lytha said...

is that bo? my goodness, put a little grey in his forelock, put bigger ears on him, and he's baasha's twin: ) oh, i miss summer coats. will he ever be sleek again!?

bandcg@comcast.net said...

Happy Birthday KTK! No I haven't made your cake yet.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Katie!
You look mighty pretty on Bo!

C-ingspots said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! Shadest is a beautiful horse. I love the picture of you and he together with your 80's hair - I don't think it looks bad at all. You look very happy there with your gorgeous horse. What a tragic story, I'm so sorry for the pain and emotional trauma of that day. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. But God did give you a beautiful gift too huh??

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Kaite, she was an adorable baby!! Just look at those cheeks!! And girl, I love your 80's hair. I think I had that same perm in 1992!! LOL!! And I could only imagine loosing one of my animals the day I gave birth. Talk about hormones and emotions all messed up. It must have been really hard. I am so sorry.

Happy Birthday Kaite, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Andrea said...

Oh, and those pictures are amazing. She is such a beauty! You better watch out momma, when she gets older! :)

XoXo Meg! said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! SHE is beautiful!

Losing a horse is never easy. It doesn't matter how long it's been...Hugs!

Your hair sooooooo reminds me of mine back then!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! Sure look good on that white pony!
Hey, Melanie! It's like 60 degrees over here! I could be doing some gardening! But,instead, i am holding Baby Grace while her mama takes a nap. I'm typing with one hand. Good thing i got all that practice holding the puppies while i blog.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Katie: Happy Birthday and it is your golden birthday, too! So glad we spent time together today and hope you ate lots of ice cream cake tonight. Hugs and kisses, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Katie, Katie: Happy Birthday and it is your golden birthday, too! So glad we spent time together today and hope you ate lots of ice cream cake tonight. Hugs and kisses, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Katie: Your photos are beautiful and the recent ones taken by Angie are soooooo cute. Marilyn

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Melanie, Now why haven't you posted such amazing photos of Katie on your blog yet? She's truly photogenic,

Oh my gosh! Those pictures of Katie are just stunning! What gorgeous eyes she has. Angie is a brilliant photographer.

Maybe a bit of Shadest's soul wandered into Katie's on his trip skyward? I like to think that he is still with you. I love seein photos of Katie with BoBo and other horses.

Happy Birthday Katie!!

New Mexico

(ps and I thought your hair was cute!)

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

HAPPPPYY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! (well yesterday)!

You tell her that she has the most amazing eyes!!!! What a beauty!!

(I dont care what you say... you can escape this) NICE hair!! LOL Melanie!!! Actually it is really cute. I love that big blaze too.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Mellie, those are fabulous images of Katie! She has very serene eyes.Very gifted freind Angie...I am envious of her new camera...drooll!!
I cried while reading about your beloved Shadest too. I love the photo of you two together in the snow!!
I can match your big wavey hair too...I was a hairdresser through the 80's...man did we do BIG HAIR!!

Thanks for the sweet comment today..I was dfine just shocked at how much I missed! This community loves to tell stories huh! I know!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sooo glad you are back up and running(blogging)...we missed ya!!

Happy belated B-day to Katie!

I LOVE big hair...I keep hoping it will come back in style...oh what the heck, I still wear big hair...Chris loves it, so that is a good enough reason for me to buck the current trend.;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Katie!!