Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hair Evolution!

Okay...I thought that I would do a post about my wild and crazy hair! (Shallow, I know!!)
It's just that I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with my tresses (who hasn't, right??), and I think that I have finally come to terms with it. As you can see, I have always had wild, crazy, fuzzy, and unmanageable hair. And, unlike most people with naturally curly hair, I have fine, wispy curls, and not coarse, wiry ones. That may sound like a good thing, but it is most definitely NOT!!!Notice how there is not much difference between my hair as a three year old, and my hair as a 22 year old? Not good! I must also confess that my hair looks exactly the same when I wake up in the mornings now, as it did back when I was!!!!Thankfully, when I was around 28, my current hair stylist came into my life, and changed it (my hair, not my life!!) for the better. Below is a picture of my hair as it looks today, and as you can tell, it has a lot more style to it than it did in my earlier years (remember how it looked in the 90's???). Veronica was the first stylist to come along who realized that my hair needed to be drastically textured and thinned out, and you can see that my hair loves her for that! :) I now literally have most of my hair chopped off (volume not length), use two different products to control the frizzies and curls, and it actually resembles hair now, doesn't it?? Sorry that there are no pictures of my hair during my teenage years. Let's just say that I looked like a complete idiot, and that maybe one day (maybe!!) I will post some of them. Maybe!!!
Anywho...that's the evolution of my hair style in a nutshell. Do any of you have hair like mine?? PS-If your hair is straight and silky, I hate you and don't want to hear about it!!! (Just kidding!!)


Pony Girl said...

That picture of you as a kiddo was darling! And your hair looks great now!!
I have....fairly straight hair. Sorry! :) I do have some natural wave, though! I have the best of both worlds, I can blow dry and iron it out flat. But the wave helps sometimes, if I want to let it dry naturally, it has some body. Although now it's so long and heavy that it pulls out the wave so it tends to looks more stringy. My hair is also thick yet fine, tangles super easily, and can frizz in damp air! Which we never have around here, LOL!
What products do you use? I should recommend them to my sister, she got the curly hair in the family!

allhorsestuff said...

I have hair kinda like yours...naturally curly..actually, it is naturally FUZZY, without me attending to it with all my favorite products ..right now the 'Enjoy" line is my fav.

We should put out a call for a "FANTASTICALLY FREAKOUT HAIR" photo day here in Bloggerland!I am in...I love to laugh anbd at myself is sometimes the best as I have lots of chances!
OH!!! I am so not kidding with this word Veri word...I think it is "a go ahead sign" from the Blog powers that be to do the photo thingie!!!

liken =To see, mention, or show as similar

allhorsestuff said...

Forgot to mention how sweet and adorable you are Mellie! Funny litte look on your face there!

Gail said...

Wonderful style!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your hair looks lovely. I like what the stylist has done to it. And of course the color is beautiful.

the7msn said...

I love your hair. I'd kill for your hair. My best hair day is when I'm wearing a hat. said...

Your hair is beautiful, always was and still is. You are beautiful, you always have been and you are getting better in your (dare I say?) thirties. Now as far as tangles go......

Breathe said...

My daughter has a sea of black curly hair. I wrote about it and the essay was published in two magazines - an airline magazine and our co-op power magazine. (you can read it here:

Your hair is amazing. I'll be taking in my daughter for her first haircut - ever. I've been scared to get it cut lest it suddenly get straight!

Melanie said...

Pony Girl-Okay...I detest you now (just kidding!!)!! Let Paint Girl know that I use Redken's "Ringlet" and "Hardware" products to control the amount of frizz and curl that I have, and I also use lots of moisturizing conditioner.

Kacy-The hair idea is great! Enjoy line, eh?? May have to try it out sometime. We live in the wrong climate for naturally fuzzy hair, don't we??? LOL!!

Gail, Grey Horse, and Linda-Thank you!

Mom-Your opinion doesn't!!!

Winter-I am going to go read about your daughters hair here in a minute. Go ahead and cut should be safe!

Mrs Mom said...

I didn't have you pegged for a blonde Melanie!

Before Kids, I have a lot of natural wave/ slight curl to my hair. Got it "enhanced" with a light perm a time or three, and LOVED it.

Had the boys, and not only did it get DARK (like, my Native American heritage is showing DARK,) but it got straight as a BOARD.

Depressing! Soon though, there will be some "enhancement" done again, to help things out! ;) (I REALLY MISS my curls!!)

Love the new look. Lucky you to find a great stylist. Got any tips on HOW to find a really good one, anyone? Please???

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by!

Any chance you're related to the Knutson-Brody clan of Wenatchee? If so, please email me...

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

OMG I love your hair! Even during its crazy days!!! It is so typical of us as women to want the opposite of what we have. I have straight long very dark hair so of course always wanted to have shorter curly blonde locks! LOL Your hair stylist does a great job! Do you ever watch the show "What not to Wear" ? I cant stand the stylist on that show...he needs to take some lessons from your gal!!

Have you ever had it really short?

It is funny b/c I was going to do a post on my hair at some point b/c it is really long and I have this thing about becoming one of "those" people with the freakishly long hair! lol

C-ingspots said...

I think your hair is nice in all the photos. Seems we always dislike what we have. I have fine curls too - very difficult to style as it has a life of it's own and always seems to look the same no matter what I do. I never had you pictured as a blond either.
As for the weather, what a drag!! I hope we've had the worst of our winter weather and pray that it mellows out until spring. I feel so sorry for all those people dealing with the flood situations. I always wonder about their livestock too. Take care my friend!

Carolynn said...

I have always longed for straight hair. My hair is not straight. It's not curly. It's kinda sorta wavy, which just looks messy to my eye.

I used to blow dry it to within an inch of its life and then use a straight iron. That all worked beautifully, unless there was a hint of humidity in the air...then stand back!

In the past year or so, I finally made the decision to stop fighting my hair and start working with it.

I've noticed that I'm a lot less straight laced and seems that in adopting my authentic hair, I've allowed my authentic, more fun loving, less uptight self room to move.

It's been very eye opening for me. And, I'm having a blast.

Angie Penrose said...

you know I've got the same crazy hair. HA. :)

Melanie said...

Mrs. Mom-You mean I don't come across as being a ditzy blonde??? LOL!! My tip for finding a good stylist is going by word of mouth. If you see someone who has hair to die for, ask them where they get it done. Good luck!! relation!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Carolynn-See??? Your hair just wanted you to love and accept!!! Glad that you are also making peace with your tresses (they look nice in your picture).

Angie-I know...I am so!!!

Chelsi-LOL!!! I always think that the stylist on that show messes people's hair up too!! Maybe one out of every ten look okay. Yes, my hair has been short, and it looked terrible!! Remember Meg Ryan's hair in "City of Angels??" Not good.

C-ingspots-Hmmmm...I am not sure if I should feel flattered that no one had me pegged as a blonde, or!!! You have the fuzzies too??

Stephanie said...

Hey! i like your hair!

Nice picture BTW - I hardly get to see pictures of you or CDN ever on your blogs, but i think both of ya look great!

I share that love/hate thing with ya. Although I hear alot of people say they'd kill to have my hair, I think its just so plain. Yours is creative - curly and blond. How cool is that!

I think next time I get my hair done I will do the same and snap a picture.

Melanie said...

Stephanie-Thanks! Your hair IS gorgeous, but I like you too much to detest!!!

Andrea said...

Okay, Mrs. Mom and I were on the same page!! I had this picture in my head about how you looked and I was thinking long brown straight hair!! LOL!!

And I have horrible straight hair, I hate it, hate it hate, it. I sticks to my face, gets staticy, and never holds a curl. I was actually thinking of getting a perm to make it a bit curly!! I would love my hair to look like yours!! Oh, and I get rat nests in the back of my hair when I wear it down. I hate that the most. I have to carry a brush everywhere.

I love your last picture! Your hair looks great!! And it's nice to see what you look like to! I promise I am not a creepy stalker!! LOL!!

Train Wreck said...

I have curly hair tooo! I have 5 hair products in my hair at any given time! Straight or curly! You are gorgeous! and I love your picture as a little girl! You look like an angel!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Your hair has that playful, relaxed, romantic look to it. So pretty and luxurious. Your hairstylist has done an awesome job taming it the way you like it to be, too.
But I think it was even pretty in your younger days.

I was always envious of girls with hair like yours when I was a young girl.

My hair is too wonky.
It's wavy in my bottom layers, close to my head, and the straightens out and gets limp and stringy on top and at the ends. Yuk!
I can't use many hair products because they just weigh my hair down. The only thing I use is Infusium leave-in Conditioner just so I can work a comb through when it's wet to get it untangled without pulling my hair out in the process.

I think your little girl hair is just magical. It looks so soft and poufy and frames hour face beautifully.

Be proud of your locks, my friend. They suit you. And many women would love to have your lovely hair, instead of their own.
(Including me!)

Love ya,
Lisa aka Rapunzle

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LOL. I've always had a love hate thing about my hair- it's THICK and I'm tender headed. My mom and I would get into big fights about my hair bc she would try and brush the tangles out, when it hurt I reach back and wacked her hand or tryed, only to be met with her wacking my hand with the brush-lol!
Your hair looks great now, very 2000's!