Monday, January 5, 2009

She's Baaaaaack......

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....breathe a collected sigh of relief with me here people!!! I am back!!!! When I woke up this morning and the little green light was still off on my modem, and I went kind of crazy. I promptly called up the phone/internet/tv company, and after waiting on hold for several minutes and being disconnected about four times(due to "technical difficulties"), I was finally able to talk to someone, and I pleaded my case yet again. (As this was my third time, I wasn't so nice!!) I was told that it should be up and running within the hour (no use to me as we all had to leave for school!), and lucky for them, the little light was blinking when we all got home. (I ran back to the computer room like the crazed junkie that I am...that's how I knew so fast!!!)
I really missed reading all of your blogs, and I have started to play catch-up tonight, but gee guys blog a!!!! The unfortunate thing is that I started back to school today too, and here I am, blogging like a fiend, when I should be reading chapter one in my text book! So, remember all of that snow that we had around here?? Well it finally melted, but it snowed again last week (this time only about 4-5 inches). The good thing was that it was pretty localized, and my hubby didn't have to go plow it. This meant that I could enjoy it more, and I went for a nice long ride (about three hours) with Amber, Martha, and a gal named Jenny. (See??? I told you I was crazy!!!)
Look at how white and clean Bo looked in the snow (below)!!! I am just joking of course...every inch of his body that was/is not covered by his blanket, is covered in mud. He is the biggest slob ever!!! I took this picture so you could see what we looked like after leading the way for a bit. The snow was really wet and heavy, and the trails were partially obstructed by low-hanging branches. That meant whomever was in the front got doused. See my poor, cold, toes down there??? LOL!!!
Although it snowed the night before, the day was relatively clear, and I thought that the scenery was breath taking. See those hills that are over yonder in the picture below??? We rode over to them in a round about way. I get so lost on these particular trails (not when we are under the power lines of course!!), and I won't go into details about that, but let me just say that I regularly entertain Amber and Martha with my lack of a sense of direction. I need to live somewhere that I can see 20 feet in front of me. There are too many trees and hills here!!! (That's my story and I am sticking too it!!!)
See?? Look at the trees in the picture below. The trails ALL look like that. (To me!!!)
Well, I better head off to bed now, and don't worry, I have more snow pictures on the way!!!! LOL!!! The next set will include the kidlets and the ponies, and they are always more entertaining than I am !!!
Have a good night, and if I wake up and the little green light isn't on, I am going to go bananas!


Pony Girl said...

Welcome back! We missed you! Aren't techincal issues annoying?? We've all become so dependent on it that when it fails us, we don't know how to function, LOL!
What a fantastic snow ride. I am envious! I've always imagined riding in the snow, but then I fear the horse slipping, snow chunking up in his hooves, or something. That looks like a great area to ride, similar to our trails!

allhorsestuff said...

Yeeeaaa! Great to have you was weird not to hear from you or see your latest words...kept thinkin I should check in with you...but-it would do me no good!
Wow...Love your pictures..wasn't it grand and new to ride in?! Yea...the branches were pregnaunt with the stuff!You did get wet huh!

I loved it everytime I went out in it. Yesterday it snowed lightly again and I got another chance. But Mellie..I AM DONE NOW with snow! Can you tell it to stop please!
Glad you are back...balance now...homework first..what do you tel your kids?

Natarojo said...

WHOOHOOOO!!!!! Your back! (lol can you tell I'm excited!?) I have missed your updates, pictures, and company! Looks like you guys had a blast on your ride. We still have too much of the darn stuff here to go riding in it without causing us and the horses some potential danger. BUT the end is in sight! It's POURING out right now, so hopefully it will all wash away shortly.

Stephanie said...

Ah, yes, trail rides can be fun when there is only 4-5 inches of snow - instead of 4ft of snow. I forgot that they can be fun or even possible.

I made the comment to Juli the other day - I bought my first pair of snow shoes, just a cheapy pair but man they make a difference! I can zip around all over outside. Got to my bird feeder for the first time since Dec 13. Poor birdies. I guess I hadn't bought any yet cause I was still in denial - WE LIVE IN WASHINGTON not northern ALASKA I shouldn't need snow shoes.

Oh well.

Thanks for the ridding pics!

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Ohh!! That looks like fun! I havent ridden in the snow forever...

SOOO happy you are back. You just hit the books there girly!! And dont let us distract you (okay maybe just a little).

I cant wait for this snow to be gone, it is raining now and I can hear the shreaks coming from outside like the wicked witch of the west "I'm melllting!! Mellllting!" lol...

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Melanie, glad you're back! It looks COLD!! but it's fun, isn't it?

XoXo Punchy! said...

WELCOME back!!! I missed you! We have sunshine here today and most of last week, but I would love to ride in the's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!

Love you! said...

Yeah your back on, now I can see my grandkids! How about that green eyed girl in the cute hood? What a good ride in the snow.

C-ingspots said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos there!!! I wish that I could have been there on that ride with you! Sooo very pretty!! But, I have to agree with KK there - so done with the snow - no more!! And, you and I would have some serious problemos if we went riding in the woods together dear - I have no sense of direction either. None - zippo!! Thank goodness my horse does or we would have been lost many times. Do get to work now sweetie - no more blogging!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you're back! Those are just beautiful pictures in the snow.

Andrea said...

I go crazy when the little green light is not on or blinking!! I am glad you are back!! And I am so excited that you got to go for a trail ride. And brrrrrr, that looked chilly. But it also looked really pretty. I would have loved to have gone with you. But then I get flashbacks the that one scene in the Horse Whisperer movie where the two girls ride in the snow.......YIKES!!! Anyway, I am glad you are back, we missed ya!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing ride! I am so glad that you got a couple of snapshots. Our snow is gone, except for what was piled up in parking lots. But this morning, i saw a fresh blanket of white stuff north of us in the Saddle Mtn area. It sure makes it easier to get around.

Gail said...

Sure have missed you!
Beautiful pictures and a spectacular ride!
Hope that green light stays on.

Breathe said...

Welcome back! I have to say it looks way too cold for me over there. I'd probably have to hibernate the whole Winter!


Enjoy catching up - I did the same recently and it was yummilicious!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So glad you're back too. I should be sleeping but the pain is keeping me awake. So I know what it's like to be addicted, but in my case, blogging is sort of keeping my mind off the pain. Sometimes distraction is a good thing :)

My last memory of horse riding will be snow for a very long time. It was so beautiful and was wonderful, at least until I fell off and got hurt. gah!

I'm glad you're ride was fun and safe...albeit cold.

New Mexico

ps, Come ride here. You can see for miles and miles.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It looks like y'all aren't riding with stirrups.....Any reason?

I keep thinking that if my foot wouldn't have gotten stuck in my stirrup, I'd only have a few bruises now...not excruciating pain for this torn ACL and surgery to fix it. gah!