Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More About Me!!!!

Well...I am two tests and three papers closer to being done with this semester! Yea!!!!!!
Honestly though, college professors like to torment their students at the end of each semester. I once asked one of them why they feel it is necessary to give us so much work at the end of a semester, and she replied that it was because there was no way we could write papers/do projects at the beginning, or near the middle of a semester, because not enough material has been presented. Huh???? I told her that professors punish themselves as well, because they end up with a huge load of papers and final exams that have to be graded. Maybe they don't always grade them? Who knows!!!
Anywho, Lisa over at the Laughing Orca Ranch, tagged me with a "Six Things About Me" meme like a week ago. Sorry that I am just know getting to it Lisa!!! Even if I am BWO...lol!!! I have done this once before, and I went into great, boring detail, so if you have never read it, here it is: About Me #1.
I promise that this one will be shorter! Well...maybe!!!
Six Things About Me!!!

1) I have gone to over 18 different schools (primary schools) in my lifetime. Obviously my family moved around a lot, but the plus side is that I am not shy and have no trouble walking up to someone and introducing myself.

2) I went to kindergarten in Germany. We lived in Germany for two years, and I attended kindergarten there as a four and five year old. Unfortunately, I no longer remember any of the German language, but it does sound familiar when I hear it...I can sometimes figure out what is being said.

3) I was home schooled for eighth and ninth grade. My neighbor was too, and we used to get our work done in the morning and then ride ALL day long...lol!!!! Ahhhh....those were the good old days!!!!

4) I graduated 12th (gpa-wise) in a class of 150 kids. At the beginning of my senior year I was 8th....guess the physics and calculus kicked my patooty!!!

5) Ok...school stuff is getting really boring so lets switch this up a bit! I am over 1/2 Irish, and I have that really pasty, white skin that looks like it would never tan, but thankfully it does!!! I am so fair that my fellow co-workers at the clinic I used to work at called me "Casper." How mean is that...lol??!! Hi Kris!!! I know you read this and I believe that it was YOU who coined that term!!!

6) This one is kind of a spin-off of Lisa's, but I had both of my kidlets with a midwife...no pain medicine. With Eric, I labored for over 36 hours at the birthing center, and then had to be transferred to the hospital for a possible c-section. He finally came out (thanks to pitocin!) and weighed 9 pounds/9oz, and was 22" long. My labor with Katie was only four hours long, so I was able to have her at the birth center. She weighed 10pounds/6oz, and was also 22" long. The vet that I worked for when I was younger, teased me and said that with all of my experience in breeding and genetics, I should have known better to breed a little heifer to a big bull...lol!!!
(For those of you who don't know, Kevin is 6'4" and I am 5'5"...what the HECK was I thinking!!! Kevin happily got snipped after Katie was born, because I told him that I was not having any more of his babies!!!)

I am looking forward to catching up on every one's blog tonight! Have a great evening!!


Andrea said...

Holy smokes, you had some big babies!! I don't blame you!!

And so cool you got to go to Kindergarten in Germany. Fun!!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

LMAO, OMG # 6 cracked me up! 9 and 10 lbs though?? That's huge!

Your # 3 was my childhood wish- I HATED school, everything about it! Not Fair.

#1 we moved around alot, but 12?? that is alot of schools and moving.

#5 is too funny!

Stephanie said...

Wow! no pain meds! Anyone that does that is my hero that takes guts holy smokes, of course I have no kids but have been present at 3 separate births and I can tell ya right now I from what I've seen I would be a total weeny...

And thanks your supports means alot to me...cause sometimes not everyone around me understands what its like to be in pain like that all the time :(

And I really don't want my blog to be gloomy, its just that I write about how I feel...and I have been feeling so crappy lately.

I fear that I am chasing folks away from my blog, but in a way it helps to be able to write about it ya know?

Thanks again...I truly value all my blog buddies.

allhorsestuff said...

whoooowee baby!
Mellie, I too am Irish..sometimes pasty..but the Indian in me makes me blossum into a Tomato sometimes!
Wow..lots of school and your childhood "homeschool" times are the best!
Thanks for the laughs and knowledge of you!

C-ingspots said...

Hello again Melanie!! You are a very brave woman - no pain meds??? What the heck and WHY NOT??? I am sooooo into no pain. I truly believe that's why God made drugs - silly nilly...no pain is good. Boy, you sure did move around a lot kiddo, and that explains why you're not shy - I could tell. It's always fun getting to learn things about our blogging buddies. I will have to check out list #1 when I have some more time. And, you don't look pasty to me...you are very beautiful my little friend.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for participating, Melanie!
I could never tire of learning more about you. You're just an interesting and fun chic :)

1)Both my parents were Navy, so I, too moved ALOT, just like you. I don't even know how many schools I went to, but at least 10. Sure wish I had been homeschooled, though, but my stepmom was in the age of women working full-time while their kids live as latch-key gremlins. lol!

2)Now, that's neat about living in Germany. I've never lived anywhere out of the country. So where were you born? My birthplace is Corpus Christi, TX.

3)Good old days, indeed. My 3 kids are living that same life now. I envy them (and you ,too). BUt in a good way :)

4)Kudos smart girl! I could have graduated a year early, but I really loved my Creative Writing teacher, my art class and Theater. So I stuck around just taking fun classes for 12th grade. lol!

5)You are SO not pasty. Light complexion, yes. But that's beautiful. Who wants to have skin like dried up old leather anyway?
I'm a bit Irish, too. Also Lithuanian. I have a Lithuanian nose that I despise. gah :P

6)Nice big babies and natural births. Yay you!
My Dr's did a scrunch test on my belly with my daughter and guessed that she might be 9lbs, but she was already 2 weeks late. The Dr's just though my belly was so huge because it had been stretched out by carrying 14lbs of twins! lol!

When I delivered my 11lb 12 oz baby girl without any drugs at all, it was a a big deal at that hospital as it had only been open for a month. So I was their record holder for biggest baby and biggest baby without meds. lol!

She was a piece of cake to birth, though. She had a small head, andut was just super long. And I had a really awesome Doula that kept the Dr's and nurses from bothering me. heheh

*You totally cracked me up with your little heifer breeding to a big bull comment. LOL!

New Mexico

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's a lot of schools!
What is it with big babies? I feel so inadequate. My three were all under 7 pounds and although I had no drugs either, it hurt like a freight train coming out.
I used to date a guy 6'4". My husband was 6'1" and I'm 5'5". Always made me feel very safe being in their shadow. Lol.

Wow! I'm very impressed with you being 12th in the class!! That is awesome!