Monday, November 17, 2008

Ick...I Mean "Good Job Eric!!"

Warning: If you do not like pictures of dead animals, please do not read this post.
As I was walking out of class on Thursday, my phone started vibrating, and I looked down and saw that it was Kevin's cell phone. I figured that it was Kevin, or Eric, calling to tell me that one of them shot a deer, and I was right. I answered with a "Hello," and was quickly greeted with a "Hi mom! Guess what? I just shot a nice big doe, and it was an ethical shot just like you told me (good boy!!)." Because of his age, Eric is allowed to shoot a buck or a doe, and Kevin said that they were only seeing spikes (immature bucks),but literally hundreds of does, so they (Kevin and his cousin Keith) had Eric shoot a doe to give the spikes a chance to grow into something worth shooting. Nice of them, huh (insert sarcasm)???? Anywho...all I cared about was that he dropped it with one shot, and he did, so good boy Eric!!!!!
I am sorry that I have to post gory pictures of a dead, blood covered deer, but Eric wants everyone to see his doe. Below is Eric and his proud daddy. Also...just so you all know, the doe will be used to make kielbasa and summer sausage, so the meat does not go to waste.Kevin and Keith came home empty handed this year, but five (or was it six?) out of the eleven people in their hunting party, were successful. Keith (Kevin's cousin)used to own a dairy farm over in Deer Park, so he knows a lot of people over where they were hunting, who let them use their land to hunt on....however, Kevin said that all they really saw were huge groups (50-100 or more) of does and last years fawns. Kevin also said that there was an insane number of people hunting over where they were this year, and that the bucks were most likely in hiding. Do ya think???!!!

The handsome looking fella in the picture above is Kevin's cousin, Keith, scoping out the landscape. Of course, you can't really see his face, so you will have to take my word on it!! I had to put this picture up for all of his family member's that secretly stalk...I mean read... my!!!
Above we have Mr. Eric...all serious and grown-up looking. He was really missing his mama in this picture, can't you!!!???
The landscape by Loon Lake sure looks like good riding country to me!!!! I asked Eric and Kevin if they noticed the buck in the lower right corner of this picture...I had them going for just one!!!
I am glad to have my boys AND my camera back, now I just wish that it was riding day!
Talk at you all soon!!!


Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

From a Brad Paisley song, "When you see a deer, you see Bambi and I see antlers on the wall" LOL!! Looks like a nice place to ride to me too!

Anonymous said...

oops, I guess I should write something before publishing my comment. Way to go Bud! Boy I almost couldn't see Kevin in that pic with Eric and the deer (with all that camo, he blends right in)lol. Even the red facial hair, he goes with the hiilside.
Love ya, Auntie M

allhorsestuff said...

whoa! That is amazing he got that!
Glad for them and that they have returned!
I saw his mouth move in hi picture(like the buck in the other pic) I want my momma!
Friday will be soon here for your ride!! Hope the weather is favorable..if not go anyway with the raingear! Be intrepid !

Pony Girl said...

Perfect song quote, AHCM!
Lovely scenery in the pics (minus the dead animal! ;)

Gail said...

Good job, young man! This is a rit of passage for most young people. This time of year our local newspaper is full of young boys and girls bagging their first dear.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Eric! I grew up looking at photos of the menfolk and their deer and elk. It sure is beautiful country to hunt in.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I love eating deer and elk meat but, ugh! the thought of actually killing one! When I lived in Utah they had "Deer Widow Sales" at the shopping malls and the kids were even excused from school.
Good job, Eric!

Anonymous said...

SO yes, I am a stalker..but in a good way! Love to read about your guys lives and to see what is new with you! Love you..I am glad the guys had a good time in Deer Park! Love Kate

Andrea said...

Way to go Eric!! What an awesome fun time!! My oldest would have loved to have gone hunting. It looks like the boys all had a wonderful time.

You are lucky to have men that take pictures!!

And that stick did look like a buck, almost!! LOL!!

Looks like a blast and the land there does look like wonderful trail riding. said...

Nice deer Eric,glad you are home !

Breathe said...

The way I look at it deer have it pretty good except for one bad day at the end.
That said, I'm an aspiring vegetarian. LOL

Congrats to Eric for a great one shot.

C-ingspots said...

Oh, I don't like seeing dead animal pics either, but I understand your son's pride in such an accomplishment. It's definitely a "coming of age" thing that most women usually don't quite understand, I think. But, I'm glad to see you have camera in-hand once again!! And...the pictures do look great!!

Melanie said...

Eric says "thank you" to all of you for your comments! :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Good job Eric!!

My dad made all of us shoot does the first couple years that we hunted. His reasoning was that we wouldn't get as excited and take our time to make the shot count. Still don't keep a person from getting excited when they see a really nice buck...heck come on over and see how excited I got just trying to take pictures of a mack daddy that showed up in the yard-hehehe.

Mmmmm...deer sausage? I'm coming over!